How new tyre test works, and why it matters

26 Jun
Testing to help Supercars and Dunlop gather data before decision is made on potential changes for 2025
3 mins by James Pavey
  • New tyre tested at Queensland Raceway

  • Supercars has three compounds; Hard, Soft, Super Soft

  • Test offers glimpse at "exciting" new developments

Supercars General Manager of Motorsport Tim Edwards has hailed “exciting” developments at Wednesday’s new tyre test, as Supercars and Dunlop evaluate a proposed new compound that could be on track for the 2025 season.

A Dick Johnson Racing Ford Mustang and Matt Stone Racing Chevrolet Camaro have completed running on all three current tyre compounds, as well as a new tyre.

The testing will help Supercars and Dunlop gather data before a decision is made on potential changes for 2025.

Dunlop’s current Super Soft, Soft and Hard compounds, along with the new tyre, have been cycled through short runs, before being put to the test over 25-lap runs.

Edwards explained a new tyre could offer grip, but in a much more durable manner, which would enhance the racing spectacle.

“One of the goals from today is to understand what is the best race tyre that we can have for the category,” Edwards told Supercars.com.

“We know what we've got at the moment with the three different compounds. Now, what Dunlop have proposed is something potentially the drivers can push harder on for longer, so therefore making it a better race tyre.

“You often hear the drivers talking about having to nurse the tyre, or when they're close to the car in front, it starts to overheat.

"Well, if we can have a tyre that doesn't overheat as much when they're right up there behind the car in front, then that's a better race tyre.

“We're working through that and we'll learn a lot out of today's test, and then we'll revisit all the information with Dunlop. We've also got some tyre surface monitoring on the cars as well, so understanding actually what's going on with the surface of the tyre.

"So we'll gather all that information after this test, sit down with Dunlop and decide what we think is the best path forward for next year.”

While Supercars has an understanding of the current compounds, Wednesday’s running helped compare them to a new tyre, regarding outright pace and degradation. Also on Wednesday, Supercars fine tuned engine parts ahead of upcoming AVL testing in the United States.

test tyre 2024

It comes after Supercars moved to help drivers race harder for longer by reducing minimum tyre pressure from 17psi to 15psi ahead of the Perth round.

Edwards praised Dunlop over the new tyre, and believes Wednesday’s testing could prove the catalyst for an “exciting” development for the championship.

“We're all about what's the best tyre that we can have for the racing,” Edwards said.

“We need the drivers to be able to push as hard as they can, when the time's right, when they want to overtake somebody. We need a tyre that withstands that pressure that the drivers put on them.

“This is all about improving the show. Dunlop have come to the party with a tyre that they think is going to really help us with that.

“We'll evaluate it with them. But, from what we're led to believe about the tyre and also what we've unearthed already in today's testing, it looks like it could be really exciting for the category moving forward."

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