Official Support Categories

The Supercars Championship includes a diverse range of support racing categories at every event, enhancing the overall motorsport experience. These categories showcase various disciplines and vehicles, and offer fans a thrilling mix of racing action throughout the event weekends. This comprehensive lineup of support races adds depth and excitement to the Supercars events, catering to a wide spectrum of racing enthusiasts.

Dunlop Series - 150

Dunlop Series

The Dunlop Series, made up of Super2 and Super3, is a critical stepping stone in driver development, the pathway to the Repco Supercars Championship and a place where a young driver can showcase their talent.
Dunlop Series
Porsche Carrera Bathurst

Porsche Carrera Cup

The Porsche Carrera Cup stands as Australia's leading one-make Championship, featuring the finest Pro & Pro-Am sports car drivers.
Porsche Paynter Dixon Carrera Cup
Toyota 86 Series banner

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Australia GR CUP

Since 2016, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Australia GR CUP has provided developing grass roots talent the chance to race on even terms against select high profile drivers.
TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Australia GR CUP
SuperUtes Bathurst Image

V8 SuperUtes

Introduced in 2018, the V8 SuperUte Series has become a thrilling spectacle for all fans to enjoy.
Tyrepower SuperUte Series

Touring Car Masters

Gulf Western Oil Touring Car Masters is Australia’s top racing series for cars from the classic period of muscle car competition between 1964 and 1980.
Touring Car Masters

Aussie Racing Cars

Aussie Racing Cars is Australia’s largest national level motor racing Category and the largest manufacturer of racing cars in the southern hemisphere.
Aussie Racing Cars