Onboard vision details Heimgartner/Murray clash

18 Jun
Onboard footage from judicial cameras has shed more light on the dramatic first-lap Darwin clash
  • Onboard vision details spectacular lap 1 crash

  • Andre Heimgartner collided with Cooper Murray on lap 1

  • No penalties awarded over dramatic incident

Onboard footage from Supercars' judicial cameras has shed more light on the dramatic first-lap clash between Andre Heimgartner and Cooper Murray in Darwin.

Wildcard rookie Murray and Heimgartner were rubbed out of contention early in Race 12 after the latter collided with the Triple Eight Camaro at Turn 5.

Heimgartner trailed Murray into Turn 5, with the rookie checking up behind Anton De Pasquale. Heimgartner, in close proximity, climbed over Murray's car, damaging both Chevrolets.

The report reads: "An incident on the first Lap of the Race at Turn 5 which involved Car 8, Andre Heimgartner, colliding with the rear of Car 888, Cooper Murray. The available evidence showed that the incident resulted from Cars slowing ahead of Car 888 which caused Cars 888 and 8 to brake hard and multiple Cars behind Car 8 colliding with each other and in turn with Car 8. There was no evidence that any Driver or Drivers were wholly or predominantly to blame for the incident.”

However, both drivers were later penalised over separate Safety Car breaches, with Heimgartner 21st and Murray 25th.

Onboard vision from Murray's car was shown during the live broadcast, with judicial vision from Heimgartner, Bryce Fullwood and Nick Percat highlighting the dramatic nature of the crash.


Fullwood, who was tapped by Percat at Turn 1, ran on the outside of Murray and Heimgartner, and narrowly avoided being taken out in the incident.

Percat, meanwhile, ended up right behind Heimgartner, and made contact with the R&J Batteries Camaro as the field checked up.

Heimgartner said he was "the last one in the chain" of what was 11 cars, with De Pasquale behind Tim Slade, Will Davison, Cameron Hill, James Golding, Jack Le Brocq, Brodie Kostecki, Will Brown and eventual winner Broc Feeney.

It was one of a spate of incidents investigated during the race, with Slade avoiding penalty over contact with Thomas Randle at Turn 1.

Heimgartner and Murray were given drive-through penalties for failing to activate the speed limiter within 15 seconds of the commencement of the Safety Car period, and failing to stay below 80km/h.

Ryan Wood and Aaron Love were also penalised for reaching Safety Car restart Rule D10.2.14.2, after they overtook David Reynolds before the Control Line.

Wood was later hit at Turn 1 by Matt Payne, who was slapped with a 15-time penalty.

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