Stewards explain Heimgartner/Murray clash

16 Jun
Cars slowing ahead led to spectacular Darwin incident
  • Cooper Murray, Andre Heimgartner in spectacular incident

  • Cars slowing ahead led to clash, stewards say

  • Heimgartner 21st, Murray six laps down in 25th

Cars slowing ahead led to the spectacular Darwin incident for Andre Heimgartner and Cooper Murray, according to the post-race stewards report.

Heimgartner was tipped into the air and onto Murray’s wildcard Camaro at Turn 5 on the first lap of Sunday's race, which was won by Broc Feeney.

Heimgartner pressed on but sustained significant damage to his R&J Batteries Camaro, while the stricken Murray triggered the bp pulse Safety Car.

The incident was investigated, with officials advising No Further Action during the race.

In the post-race report, stewards confirmed neither driver was "wholly or predominantly to blame for the incident.”

The report reads: "An incident on the first Lap of the Race at Turn 5 which involved Car 8, Andre Heimgartner, colliding with the rear of Car 888, Cooper Murray. The available evidence showed that the incident resulted from Cars slowing ahead of Car 888 which caused Cars 888 and 8 to brake hard and multiple Cars behind Car 8 colliding with each other and in turn with Car 8. There was no evidence that any Driver or Drivers were wholly or predominantly to blame for the incident.”

The incident was costly for both drivers, with Heimgartner 21st in the race and 12th in the championship, while Murray was 25th and last, six laps off the pace.

"Tough race,” Heimgartner said.

"Unfortunately being the last one in the chain and you ended up in the sky and took a while to come down.

MH1 5156

"After that the car wasn't actually too bad. I think the set-up from then wasn't terrible just one of those things when you start there and it's stuck in everyone's mess.

"So disappointing overall, but will keep on trucking.”

Murray had substantial panel damage, but still managed the set the fourth fastest lap of the race, highlighting the missed opportunity for the rising star.

"The first lap of the race definitely wasn’t ideal after being taken out on the fifth corner," said Murray, who will race with Craig Lowndes at the enduros.

"I was lucky enough that the awesome crew at Triple Eight managed to get the car fixed and get me back out there to circulate and learn as much as possible.

"We ended up coming away with the fourth fastest lap of the race with a bent car which is pretty cool and shows that the pace was there – I was we could have shown it off up the front."

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