Nulon Racing cops big fine over pit incident

09 Jul 2023
Slade released into path of Le Brocq in Race 17
2 mins by James Pavey

Nulon Racing has been hit with a big fine over the near-miss in pit lane for Tim Slade, who was released into the path of Jack Le Brocq.

Le Brocq was pulling into his Matt Stone Racing pit bay for his first stop when Slade was pushed out of the Nulon Racing garage.

The #34 Truck Assist Camaro swerved to a avoid Nulon Racing staff and the #23 Camaro.

It came after Slade was forced into the garage due to a steering issue.

After the race, a stewards’ report revealed that Nulon Racing has been fined $10,000, half of which is suspended.

The team also copped a 50-point penalty in the teams' championship.


The report reads: “Following the Race and after an investigation by the DRD and an admission by the Team, the Stewards imposed a Fine of $10,000 ($5,000 of which is suspended until 31 December 2023) on PremiAir Racing for a breach of Rule D11.2.3 (Car Controller must ensure the Pit Stop is carried out safely and maintain full control of the Pit Stop) regarding an Incident during the Race when Car 23, Tim Slade, was pushed back out of its Pit Garage into the path of Car 34, Jack le Broq [sic] impeding Car 34 and requiring Car 34 to take evasive action to avoid colliding with Car 23."

The penalty came on a weekend that began with Nulon Racing parting ways with Team Principal Matt Cook, with owner Peter Xiberras stepping into the role.

Slade also clashed with teammate James Golding in Saturday's race.

The report also revealed that Triple Eight requested an investigation into Brodie Kostecki allegedly crowding Broc Feeney.

Triple Eight alleged that the #88 Red Bull Ampol Camaro had been crowded by the #99 Coca-Cola Camaro at the exit of Turn 13 late in the race.

The report added: “The DRD received a request from Triple Eight Race Engineering alleging that Car 99, Brodie Kostecki, had crowded Car 88, Broc Feeney at the exit of turn 13 on Lap 71. After reviewing broadcast footage, the DRD in consultation with the DSA determined that there was no evidence of any breach of the Rules by the Driver of Car 99."

The 2023 Repco Supercars Championship will resume at the Beaurepaires Sydney SuperNight on July 28-30. Tickets are on sale now.

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