Officials explain Feeney/Golding incident

15 Jun
How Broc Feeney escaped penalty over his forceful pass on James Golding
  • Broc Feeney won Race 11 after forceful James Golding pass

  • Feeney was found to have had “sufficient overlap"

  • Golding adjudged not to have left "sufficient racing room"

A Motorsport Australia stewards report has shed more light on how Broc Feeney avoided penalty over his forceful pass on James Golding in Saturday’s Darwin opener.

Golding led from pole position and held an early lead, before Feeney muscled past at the Turn 6 hairpin.

On lap 4, Feeney went for a move under brakes into the right-hander, leading to contact. Feeney emerged in the lead, with Mark Winterbottom moving through into second.

Feeney went on to win ahead of Winterbottom, with Golding fourth behind Will Brown.

The incident was investigated during the race, and with a call of No Further Action later confirmed over team radio, Feeney kept position.

In the post-race stewards summary, Feeney was found to have had “sufficient overlap” on Golding, who was adjudged not to have left "sufficient racing room.”


The report reads: "The available video revealed that Car 88 moved to overtake Car 31 on the inside at Turn 6 and had more than sufficient overlap at a point where Car 31 did not follow the racing line and turned in early for Turn 6.

"Car 31 did not leave sufficient racing room for Car 88 as a result of which Car 88 was forced use the kerb on the inside of Turn 6 and slight contact occurred at the apex which caused Car 31 to be pushed wide and to lose the position.

"The DRD determined that no breach of the Rules was observed and the minor contact was only a consequence of Car 88 having squeezed Car 88 to use the kerb.”

It’s the second time Feeney and Golding have clashed while fighting for position, following their run-in at The Chase at the season-opening Thrifty Bathurst 500. On that occasion, Feeney was penalised.

It wasn’t the only penalty from the race, with Jaxon Evans hit with a 15-second penalty over contact at Turn 1 which sent wildcard driver Cooper Murray into a spin.

Cam Waters was also hit with a five-second penalty over contact with Anton De Pasquale.

After the race, the stewards imposed a five-second post-race time penalty on Cameron Hill, over contact with Ryan Wood at Turn 1 on lap 38.

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