Feeney, Reynolds at odds over costly Bend clash

20 Aug
Feeney spins out to 25th, Reynolds penalised to 20th
2 mins by James Pavey

Broc Feeney and David Reynolds are split over their clash late in Race 22, that saw Feeney spun out and Reynolds penalised.

Feeney was sent into a spin at the final corner late in the OTR SuperSprint finale after contact with Reynolds as they disputed ninth.

The #88 Red Bull Ampol Camaro driver dragged his car out of the gravel and was classified 25th and last as Reynolds carried on.

However, stewards slapped Reynolds with a 15-second penalty, demoting the #26 Penrite Mustang from ninth to 20th in classification.

“Dave got into my rear bar at [Turn] 17 and that’s why he got up beside me,” Feeney said on the broadcast.

“So, I squeezed him a bit in the last corner but he fired in pretty hard and that’s what got my rear-right.

“I started sinking in the gravel and thought I was going to stop.

“But, yeah my race down the drain.”


The stewards’ report stated Reynolds had been penalised in a case of careless driving: Car 26 was attempting to overtake Car 88, Broc Feeney, on the inside at turn 18. Car 26 had sufficient overlap on Car 88 and Car 88 left racing room for Car 26 on the inside. However, Car 26 locked rear brakes and oversteered into the side of Car 88 and Car 88 left the track into the gravel trap and lost positions.

It was a rotten end to a tough weekend for Feeney, who is now 228 points behind Brodie Kostecki, who won all three OTR SuperSprint races.

Reynolds pinned the blame on Feeney, saying: "Down into 17, I sort of got alongside Broc, and then we were running up to the last corner.

“We sort of bumped wheels a fair few times, then he turned in so hard at the last minute, it actually made me oversteer.

“So, I sort of four-wheel slid into him, and that’s what made him spin around.

“It’s really unfortunate, but if he didn’t turn in so hard and aggressive and made me, like, oversteer, we would have just drove side-by-side and duelled it out down to Turn 1.

“So, yeah, I don’t know why I got a rather large penalty. I’ve done way worse things than that and got away with it.

“I don’t want to roll out a Jamie Whincup style comment, but I’m thinking about it.”

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