DJR announces carbon footprint reduction

22 Jul 2022
'We are humbled to make such a contribution'
2 mins by James Pavey

Dick Johnson Racing has revealed insight into its carbon footprint, with the team announcing a major reduction.

Last year, the team announced it had become Australian motorsport’s first carbon neutral team.

In March, DJR become the first internationally and nationally recognised carbon neutral Supercars team.

The Ford team attained a Climate Active certification under the Australian Government’s Climate Active Network.

On Friday, the team announced a 25 per cent reduction in its overall carbon footprint in 2021 from 2020, year on year.

DJR’s overall footprint reductions in 2021 came from consolidating freight and converting electricity to GreenPower.

The team also made reductions through recycling and waste to landfill, along with data collection and awareness.

DJR's year on year contribution

Team co-owner Ryan Story was delighted and proud that DJR has made such a contribution.

"We have worked very hard at DJR to put processes and actions in place to an ISO standard level to reduce our footprint and show it can be done," Story said.

"In fact, we are carbon positive; we have now planted 6000 trees in Australia with Trees For Life and over 17 hectares of trees around the world with our partner Tree Nation.

"We are delighted and humbled to make such a contribution."


DJR Sustainability Manager Brad Eyes added: "We have been working extremely hard to put processes and actions in place with everyone at DJR and to reduce the business’s carbon footprint by 25 per cent in 2021 is not an easy feat.

"Most of the reductions in carbon footprint have come from freight, electricity, and waste.

"Transport-related emissions will continue to provide challenges in overall footprint reductions, but these challenges are not isolated to motorsport, however, provide an interesting proving ground to reduce overall emissions in the future."

Pangolin Associates Iain Smale, Managing Director and Dr Samuel Phua, Principal Consultant Environment, Risk & Strategy said: "DJR’s commitment to understanding its comprehensive carbon footprint is unrivalled in the motorsports industry.

"Further, it has implemented emissions reduction and management measures it identified in 2020, leading to a significant reduction of particularly, its CY2021 Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions.

"DJR's management at its highest levels has shown that enjoying motorsports and addressing climate change risks can go hand-in-glove when grit and environmental sustainability are intertwined."

Additional information can be found at https://environment.djr.com.au/.

The Shell V-Power Racing Team heads to Tailem Bend second in the teams’ standings.

Anton De Pasquale and Will Davison are second and fourth respectively in the drivers’ standings.

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