Feeney wary of mistakes in tight title fight

12 Apr
The margin between Will Brown and Broc Feeney has been no greater than 18 points so far this year
  • Broc Feeney wants to "iron out those little mistakes”

  • Feeney heads to New Zealand 17 points behind teammate Will Brown

  • Margin has been no greater than 18 points so far in 2024

Red Bull Ampol Racing star Broc Feeney feels he has to "iron out those little mistakes” if he’s to take out this year’s championship.

Feeney heads to the ITM Taupō Super400 just 17 points behind teammate Will Brown, who has finished the opening six races of the season in the top two.

Feeney has three wins to Brown’s two, but dropped points in the Bathurst finale after copping a penalty, before a late error dropped him from second to fourth in the second Melbourne race.

The 21-year-old took the points off Brown after winning the Melbourne opener, but handed the lead straight back after his foot slipped off the pedal and cost him a podium.

In one fell swoop, Feeney dumped nine points by losing two positions, and with Brown victorious with fastest lap bonus points, there was a 20-point swing in the title fight.

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The margin between Brown and Feeney has been no greater than 18 points so far this year, but the latter knows he needs to tidy up some areas to get the orange numbers back.

“I’ve expected a lot of out this year,” Feeney said on the Rusty’s Garage podcast.

"I think we made a real good step up last year to be in the championship fight for what would’ve been most of the year up until Bathurst.

“For sure, I want to fight for the championship this year. It’s been fantastic, but there’s still a lot for things I want to fix up myself.

“There have been a few little mistakes I’ve made that Will hasn’t. This year, he’s done a great job, I don’t think he's finished outside the top two.

"I can feel a big gain in where I was last year. I said the same thing last year, and hopefully I can say the same in the future.

feeney brown agp podium race 6 2024

“For me, it’s just trying to iron out those little mistakes. The speed is there, just have to put it all together.”

When asked if he was set to race conservatively, Brown said he is still going to go for wins, but is wary of picking his moments, echoing his post-Melbourne comments: "My plan right now is to try and win races.

“I don’t want to come second. I’m disappointed I came second in three races at AGP, I would’ve loved to have win another one or two down there.

“I want to win, but you don’t want to crash out either. You pick and choose your moments a little bit. But I still want to race hard, it’s only early in the season.

“You can’t start thinking about [the championship] too early.”

Supercars action at the ITM Taupō Super400 will commence on Friday April 19.

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