BJR rookie shrugs off crash, trip to medical centre

26 Feb
A late-race crash and trip to the medical centre haven't dampened Jaxon Evans' spirits after a promising solo Supercars debut
2 mins by James Pavey
  • Jaxon Evans treated by medicos with burnt foot

  • BJR driver crashed at The Dipper late in Sunday's race

  • Kiwi rookie best of the rookies after Ryan Wood, Aaron Love crash

A late-race crash and trip to the medical centre haven't dampened Jaxon Evans' spirits after a promising solo Supercars debut.

It was a brutal baptism of fire for Supercars' newest rookies, with Evans crashing at The Dipper late on Sunday, after Aaron Love and Ryan Wood also crashed.

Evans was running mid-pack during Sunday's race, having started 24th, before he started to suffer with a hot footwell in the #12 SCT Logistics Chevrolet.

The Kiwi clouted the wall at The Dipper, with vision revealed by Supercars.com after the race. Evans managed to finish the race, albeit dropping from 17th to 21st, and was attended to by medical staff when he returned to pit lane.

Speaking afterwards, however, Evans was in good spirits, and was already looking to build on his performances at the next round in Melbourne.

Evans crashes heading into The Dipper

“There was a lot going on, it was obviously a very big learning curve from Friday practices to Sunday afternoon,” Evans said.

“Two races under the belt, unfortunately no commendable results I guess you could say, but Sunday’s race was a big improvement on Saturday’s.

"We had some good race pace, competed against a few guys and moved forward from our grid position.

"Unfortunately, I made a mistake on the second last lap on Sunday struggling with some heating issues around my feet that may have led to that, but no excuses.

“I’m grateful to the team around me for giving me the support I needed. We’re only just getting started and I can’t wait to see where we end up in a few rounds.”

Evans was still the top-scoring rookie after Wood and Love both hit trouble, and will continue his 2024 campaign at a familiar battleground at Albert Park, where he has previously raced Porsche.

“There’s no easy way out of this and no easy way to the front, I think most of the drivers in the field can definitely back up that statement,” he said.

"That’s all part of the challenge, that’s why I’m excited to be here. We have a good group around us and we’ll keep on chipping away internally.

"I’ve got a lot of things to work on as a driver in the SCT Camaro now and I’m looking forward to where we end up down the track."

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