An open letter to the Supercars Community

06 Feb
An open letter to the Supercars Community from Supercars CEO Shane Howard

Dear Supercars Community,

I want to address the recent developments between Brodie Kostecki and Erebus Motorsport that resulted in Brodie not racing for the Erebus team at the upcoming Thrifty Bathurst 500.  The situation has garnered significant attention and speculation, and I feel it's crucial from a Supercars perspective to provide clarity and context. 

I've personally been in confidential dialogue with Brodie both leading into and following the announcement.  I've also had extensive discussions about the matter over recent weeks with Erebus Motorsport management, including Barry Ryan and Betty Klimenko.  There have been suggestions that Supercars hasn't engaged in these conversations or has taken sides.  This is simply incorrect and misleading. 

The ongoing nature of this situation, between Brodie Kostecki and Erebus Motorsport which is yet to be resolved, is why none of the parties involved will comment on the matter at this time.  We respect the rights of all individual parties, including their discretion to resolve matters in a confidential manner.  Efforts are continuing to be made to facilitate and encourage the parties to find a practical and workable solution in the best interests of all stakeholders.

There has been considerable commentary on this matter, and some of it has been disappointing.  We urge everyone to approach this situation with understanding, empathy and patience it deserves. 

The circumstances at hand are ultimately a matter between the owners and management of Erebus Motorsport and their contracted driver, Brodie Kostecki.  Supercars has offered our full support to all parties and will continue to do so. 


Racing is a passion that should be enjoyed by everyone, be it as a spectator, volunteer, sponsor, team owner, employee, or driver. 

Yours faithfully,

Shane Howard

Chief Executive Officer

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