Revealed: The 'other' Perkins throwback livery

Dunlop Series
28 Jun
Jack Perkins’ Dunlop Series comeback in Townsville could have come in different colours
2 mins by James Pavey
  • Jack Perkins to run 1979 tribute livery in Townsville

  • Perkins could have raced 1985 Mustang colours

  • Second-gen racer to join James Courtney for enduros

Jack Perkins’ Dunlop Series comeback in Townsville will come in a stunning retro livery, but it could so easily have been another.

The second-generation Perkins will race the 1979 colours on his Blanchard Racing Team Ford at next weekend’s NTI Townsville 500.

It comes after Perkins previously steered Super2 Commodores with Larry throwback liveries, running 1982 and 1993 colours in recent years.

The 1979 livery, brought to life by veteran designer Peter Hughes, sees Holden colours used on a Ford, with Perkins back with the Blue Oval in 2024.

1985 perkins 1

In response to a “few grumblings,” Hughes released renders of another livery that also pays tribute to Larry’s only Bathurst start in a Ford, with Dick Johnson in 1985.

"Been a few murmurs on the socials about Jack’s latest retro livery. While it’s gone off with a bang there’s a few grumblings about placing a Holden livery on a Mustang,” Hughes posted to social media.

"Celebrating our racing heroes of the era rather than the marque seems to have fallen on a few deaf ears. So, I thought I’d show you one of the early ideas Jack and I first proposed.

"The year was 1985 and the only year Larry drove a Ford at Bathurst, with the equally legendary Dick Johnson!

"Would have been a hoot, and it was Mustang on Mustang, but commercial parties preferred the later Janson idea. That’s how it rolls sometimes.

1985 perkins 2

"So the whole insinuation either Jack or myself were Holden bias for this project… nope."

The Johnson/Perkins throwback was praised by Dick Johnson Racing boss Dr Ryan Story, who commented: "We would have endorsed that! But the livery you landed on is an absolute belter, really good stuff.”

Jack shared the Hughes renders, saying: "This is the 'what could’ve been’ for our retro this year.

"Driving a Mustang it would’ve been awesome to do a Dick Johnson/LP retro from 1985. The Janson/LP from 1979 just looked better!

"Love working with @peterhughes221, we are on the same page with this stuff and he’s the best in the business."

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