Kostecki, Brown see funny side in gamesmanship

16 Jun
"I had big Bush in the headlights, bloody flashing me… I kind of liked it, I was like, 'Good on him, he's playing the game here'"
  • Brodie Kostecki, Will Brown in Shootout gamesmanship

  • Kostecki caught Brown, flashed lights before latter's lap

  • Kostecki second, Brown third with Broc Feeney on pole

Old teammates Brodie Kostecki and Will Brown made for a spot of gamesmanship in Darwin’s Sunday Shootout, with both drivers seeing the funny side.

Kostecki and Brown will launch from second and third for Sunday’s Race 12, with Saturday winner Broc Feeney claiming pole.

Feeney was unable to be beaten after initially qualifying eighth, with Kostecki and Brown both falling short.

After reigning champion Kostecki set his lap, he hounded former teammate Brown in a spot of fun while talking to the commentators before the latter set off on his Shootout lap.

Brown ultimately fell short of a front row start, suffering understeer at Turn 1 before recovering throughout the rest of the lap.

When asked on the broadcast if he intended to ‘rattle’ Brown, Kostecki joked: "Oh, I'd like to think I did, but I'm sure I didn't.

"He likes to play pretty stupid old Will, but he’s pretty smart.”

It was a superb recovery for Kostecki and Erebus Motorsport, following their Saturday DNS which led to an overnight engine change.


When asked about the race, which comes after his best qualifying result of the season, Kostecki added: “We’ve got a little bit to find for the race, I think. But, it'll be my first race today, so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

"I'm sure we'll go out there and I'll race pretty hard and we just have to see what happens. I'm in a Bull sandwich. So we'll see how that goes. And I'll just have to see how the car is in the race.

“Just being out there and being off the front row today is pretty exciting for me. Hopefully we can do a good job of tuning the car up for the race. I see every little thing as an opportunity for me.

"So if there's a hole, I'll go for it. If not, then I'll make one.”

Brown had no ill feeling over the gamesmanship, joking on the broadcast: “I had big Bush in the headlights, bloody flashing me!

“I kind of liked it, I was like, ‘Good on him, he's playing the game here, I like it’. It was cool.

“I got understeer at [Turn] 1 and dropped about a tenth there, then the rest of the lap was alright. It wasn’t too bad, but I stuffed up the first sector.

“Broc obviously did a really good lap at the start there, it was a great lap and he’s fast."

The final 48-lap race of the weekend, Race 12, will get underway at 3:10pm ACST/3:40pm AEST.

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