The winners and losers of 2022

30 Dec 2022
Who made ground, and who lost ground
3 mins by James Pavey

David Reynolds and Andre Heimgartner proved the biggest winners of the 2022 season relative to his 2021 campaigns.

Reynolds and Heimgartner jumped a combined 17 championship positions compared to 2021.

Of the 24 drivers who started all 13 rounds this year, eight made positional gains, and 10 drivers dropped positions.

Shane van Gisbergen not only defended his title, but scored 27 points per round more on average versus 2021.

Behind him, there was plenty of change, with seven drivers backing up their top 10 placings from 2021.

Who made ground?

Heimgartner scored four podiums

Reynolds, Heimgartner, Cam Waters and Macauley Jones made the biggest jumps in the order.

Reynolds was by far and away the biggest winner, gaining 10 positions on his 2021 position of 18th.

It's important to note Reynolds missed two rounds in 2021, but he was still a vastly improved force in 2022.

The Penrite Racing driver took his first poles since 2019, and scored seven podiums; a stark a contrast to his solitary podium in 2021.

It could have been even better had Reynolds not been turned in the final race, which cost him seventh to Brodie Kostecki.

Heimgartner had his best season yet in his first campaign for Brad Jones Racing, even if he was left disappointed.

The Kiwi scored podiums in Perth, Winton and Pukekohe, but suffered several DNFs, none more significant than at Mount Panorama.

Waters was fifth overall in 2021, and improved to second to be runner-up for the second time in three years.

The Tickford Racing driver won three races, as many as in 2021, but took a season-high 10 ARMOR ALL Pole Positions.

Jones, meanwhile, improved four positions on his 2021 placing, and scored on average 17 more points per round.

Anton De Pasquale and Kostecki (up two), and Mark Winterbottom and Tim Slade (up one) also gained relative to 2021.


Who lost ground?

A Sandown podium was Brown's highlight

The biggest losers in 2022 were Nick Percat and Will Brown.

Percat’s first year with Walkinshaw Andretti United stuttered with engineer changes, and he was eight positions down relative to 2021.

However, Percat began to find momentum with new engineer Adam Austin and reaped the rewards with an Adelaide podium.

Brown also couldn't match his breakout pace from 2021 and was outperformed by teammate Brodie Kostecki.

The Erebus Motorsport driver did manage to score a well-deserved podium at Sandown, but was also stung by DNFs.

Todd Hazelwood's move back to Matt Stone Racing, which last a year, fell apart after a strong start.

Hazelwood was hovering around the top 10 after Perth, but couldn't find the top 10 after that.

Teammate Jack Le Brocq, who departed Tickford, also had a trying season which, like Heimgartner, was affected by DNFs.

Le Brocq's Tickford replacement Jake Kostecki, who was at MSR in 2021, also went backwards relative to 2021.

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Full-time drivers' championship points standings

(Number in brackets = average points scored per round)



van Gisbergen (244)

van Gisbergen (271) 0

Whincup (226)

Waters (224) +3

Mostert (208)

Mostert (218) 0

W.Davison (199)

De Pasquale (199) +2

Waters (197)

W.Davison (197) -1

De Pasquale (173)

Feeney (182) N/A

Percat (167)

B. Kostecki (165) +2

Brown (153)

Reynolds (164) +10

B. Kostecki (149)

Winterbottom (146) +1

Winterbottom (144)

Heimgartner (144) +7

Courtney (137)

Slade (143) +1

Slade (136)

Courtney (134) -1

Hazelwood (133)

Holdsworth (133) N/A

Fullwood (124)

Brown (132) -6

Pye (124)

Percat (126) -8

Le Brocq (124)

Pye (116) -1

Heimgartner (116)

Fullwood (106) -3

Reynolds (127)

Hazelwood (103) -5

J. Kostecki (96)

Jones (99) +4

Goddard (91)

Pither (97) N/A

Smith (85)

Le Brocq (95) -5

Jacobson (84)

J. Kostecki (92) -3

Jones (82)

Randle (89) N/A

Coulthard (78)

Smith (81) -3

Golding (101) N/A

Jacobson (86) -4

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