The Kelly advice that boosted rookie Cameron

Dunlop Series
29 Feb
In just his fourth Super2 round, Aaron Cameron was a surprise second for the round at Mount Panorama
2 mins by James Pavey
  • Aaron Cameron finished second for the round in Bathurst

  • Cameron was behind Cooper Murray's crashes in both races

  • 2024 marks Cameron's first full Dunlop Series campaign

Todd Kelly’s mantra of keeping it simple and staying out of trouble paved the way to Aaron Cameron’s maiden Dunlop Series podium at Mount Panorama.

Cameron, in just his fourth Super2 appearance, finished second for the round at the Thrifty Bathurst 500 behind reigning champion Kai Allen.

The 24-year-old kept his nose clean in both races at the Mountain, with several title hopefuls hitting trouble across the weekend.

Notably, Cooper Murray scored no points after crashing in both races, with Zach Bates penalised over a Sunday clash that sent Murray into the wall at The Cutting.

Cameron was behind Murray on both occasions, yet kept his cool and suddenly emerged as an early-season title favourite.

Speaking after Sunday’s race, Cameron said team boss Kelly — who raced full-time in the main game for nearly 20 years — said thinking long-game was key.

"I suppose what I sort of pick up from Todd these days is actually just keeping it simple,” Cameron said.

"Like, he's a quiet-spoken guy, but we're just trying to have fun, make things have fun, go well.

“It's more just keeping it simple — something I always like to do, but especially focus on this year, and focusing on the long run of the season, not bombing under anyone too early.”


Cameron is joined at Kelly Racing by Todd’s teenage son Mason who, after a Friday practice crash, brought home two solid race results.

However, Allen — as he did at the end of 2023 — proved the one to beat, and will head to the next round in Perth 42 points up the road on Cameron.

When asked if he can win the title, Cameron replied: “If Kai would be stop being so fast, maybe, but currently he's pretty frickin' on it.

“But, you never know what can happen… [Allen] was seventh [last year]. We started off good and I didn't think we were going to be this good this early.

On the team, Cameron said: "It's a credit to the Kelly Racing crew. They put in a big effort, last year we just did it on the side and rolled the car out.

"But this year it was a big effort over the off-season by all of them to get it ready. And then even this weekend when Mason had a little crash.

“A big credit to them for the work they've done this weekend, and prior to this."

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