Edwards details focus of first wind tunnel test day

09 Dec
Two Gen3 Supercars are going under the microscope in an historic week of testing in the United States
2 mins by James Pavey
  • First day of wind tunnel test completed on Saturday morning (AEST)

  • Two Gen3 Supercars are being run at Windshear facility in North Carolina

  • First day centred on baselines of the Camaro and the Mustang

The first day of Supercars’ historic foray into wind tunnel testing was about understanding both Gen3 race cars in their current state, says new General Manager of Motorsport Tim Edwards.

Two Gen3 Supercars, a Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang, recently arrived at the Windshear facility in North Carolina.

There, two Supercars will undergo wind tunnel testing for the first time, with the first of a minimum three days completed on Friday.

“The first day is really going to be trying to understand the two cars,” Edwards explained in an exclusive Supercars.com video.

“So we’ll put the Camaro in the tunnel first and it’ll probably be in there for about four hours.

“We’ll sort of do some baselines and do a couple of initial changes just to see what they do.

“But, the goal of tomorrow [Friday] is to get both the cars in the tunnel and figure out where we’re at.”

Supercars technical staff, along with Edwards and CEO Shane Howard and figures from the homologation teams, are on site.

EXCLUSIVE: Supercars ready for historic wind tunnel testing

Triple Eight Race Engineering (Chevrolet) and Dick Johnson Racing (Ford) have also supplied various aerodynamic parts as all bases are covered in testing.

“There’s many different versions of what Saturday might look like, but it’s going to depend on what Friday looks like,” Edwards continued.

“Until we actually run the two cars and actually get some data to sit at and go, ‘Okay, we’re close,’ or, ‘We’re not close,’ we don’t know at the moment.

“The boys have got a lot of parts in there, ready to go for whatever they’ve got to try and achieve.

"They’re pre-fitting a lot of those today, because we’ve got three, 12-hour days, and we’re going to be literally standing at the tunnel door at 6:00am tomorrow morning."

Supercars.com will continue to provide exclusive videos from inside Windshear in the coming days.

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