Downforce on track to be slashed for Gen3

14 Dec 2022
'The fans are going to be the big winners’
2 mins by James Pavey

Downforce is on track to be slashed when the Gen3 cars hit the track in Gen3.

A reduction in downforce was a key pillar of the Gen3 ruleset, which will debut in 2023.

The targeted aerodynamic downforce reduction was more than 50 per cent from current levels.

A reduction in downforce will allow cars to follow each other closely and promote overtaking.

Notably, the new cars have smaller rear and front wings.

After recent testing, Supercars Head of Motorsport Adrian Burgess suggested the number could be even bigger.

“We’re in that 63 to 64 per cent less aero than the current cars,” Burgess told media in Adelaide.

“It’s significantly less.”

Pending the addition of minor parts, the new cars will also be lighter.

There will also be a reduction of roughly 50 horsepower compared to the Gen2 cars.

The fuel cell will also be increased by roughly 20 litres.

Drivers have noted how the cars move around more, promoting tyre degradation.

That was witnessed as early as testing in January after running on Dunlop’s new Super Soft tyre.

At Queensland Raceway, both cars began their runs in the 1m09s, with drivers holding the time for the first three laps.


For the next four to five laps, the times dropped into the 1m10s bracket.

By the end of the 15 laps, cars were clocking 1m12s and low 1m13s laps.

Come the latest test on Monday, and the point was again raised by veteran driver Warren Luff, who drove both Gen3 prototypes on Monday.

Why aero testing Gen3 is so crucial

Luff took the reins of the Gen3 Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro at Queensland Raceway.

The six-time Bathurst podium-finisher liked what he saw, and expects entertainment to be taken to a new level.

“The way this car goes about generating its lap speed and corner speed is quite different,” Luff told Supercars.com.

“We’re going to see cars move around a lot more, and it’s going to provide more exciting racing.

“As the car moves around, tyre degradation will be higher. It’ll require a different driving style.

“The fans are going to be the big winners, because it will produce great racing.”

The 2023 Repco Supercars Championship will commence in Newcastle next March.

Tickets are on sale on Supercars.com and Ticketek.com.

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