DJR retains carbon neutral status

31 May
DJR became the first internationally and nationally recognised carbon neutral Supercars team in 2022
  • Dick Johnson Racing retains carbon neutral status

  • DJR became Australian motorsport’s first carbon neutral team in 2021

  • Team secures highest level of FIA's Three Star Environmental Accreditation

Dick Johnson Racing has announced it has retained its carbon neutral status, renewing its Climate Active Certification from the Australian Government.

In a Friday announcement, the team also announced it has secured the highest level of Three Star Environmental Accreditation from the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), having first achieved the certifications for base year 2020.

It continues DJR's commitment to environmental management, sustainability and responsibility, in the effort to set new standards in Australian motorsports.

Key to the renewal of the Ford team’s accreditation was a focus on energy, waste, and emissions. The team has diverted renewable energy into the grid, enhanced waste distribution and reduced landfill contributions, and implemented a conscious focus on reducing travel and transport emissions.

The team has also helped the planting of over 40,000 trees in partnership with Trees For Life and Tree-Nation, which offsets the annual per capita carbon footprint of each team member since 2020.

Team DJR -EV01-24-MH1 6578

Team Principal Dr Ryan Story is also overseeing a major reforestation and community-building project, soon launching an effort to plant 500,000 trees in Madagascar.

"The renewal of our FIA Three Star Accreditation and maintaining our Carbon Neutral status for a fourth consecutive year is a proud moment for Dick Johnson Racing,” said Story, who launched a motorsport memorabilia auction on Thursday.

"As the first Supercars Team to achieve this, it underscores our relentless commitment to sustainability and our role as leaders in the motorsport community.

"It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of every team member who strives to balance high performance with environmental responsibility.

"We are excited to continue driving innovation and setting new standards for a sustainable future in racing.”

In just three years, DJR has achieved carbon neutral status, attained and retained FIA Three Star Environmental Accreditation, and has been recognised by the Australian Government for Climate Active Certification. DJR has also attained Sports Environmental Alliance Membership, joining a coalition dedicated to promoting sustainability in sports.

Motorsport Australia President Andrew Fraser, also of FIA Sustainability and D&I Committee, congratulated the team.

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"On behalf of Motorsport Australia and the FIA I commend Dick Johnson Racing on this huge accomplishment,” Fraser said.

"As a Team they continue to lead by example, driving positive change and setting new standards for a sustainable future in motorsport.

"This prestigious accreditation not only sets a benchmark in the motorsport industry but also demonstrates that excellence in racing can be harmoniously aligned with responsible environmental practices.”

Supercars CEO Shane Howard added: "Supercars congratulates Dick Johnson Racing on the renewal of their FIA Three Star Environmental Accreditation and Carbon Neutral Status.

"As a Team they continue to demonstrate that high performance and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

"This renewal is a testament to the team's dedication, innovation, and leadership in driving positive change within the industry. We're proud to support their ongoing efforts as we collectively strive for a sustainable future in motor racing.”

Will Davison and Anton De Pasquale are seventh and eighth in the drivers’ points, and DJR fifth in teams, heading to the betr Darwin Triple Crown on June 14-16. Tickets for the event are on sale now. International viewers can follow all the action on Superview.

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