TIMELINE: 100 wins for VF Commodore

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  • 16/03/2017
  • By Stefan Bartholomaeus

A double victory for Shane van Gisbergen at the Clipsal 500 saw the VF Holden Commodore join the Virgin Australia Supercars Chamionship’s 100 wins club.

Taking over as Holden’s Supercars contender in 2013, the VF is now just three wins behind the only other model to break the ton; the VE/VEII that it replaced.

To celebrate the milestone, take a look back at the complete list of VF victories in the list below.

Not surprisingly, Triple Eight has contributed the lion’s share of success for the car, which will be replaced by an all-new model in 2018.

Triple Eight has taken 65 wins since 2013, with customer squad Tekno Autosports adding a further 12 to the tally.

Other winners have been Brad Jones Racing and Walkinshaw Racing with 10 wins apiece, Garry Rogers Motorsport (2) and Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport (1).

Jamie Whincup has meanwhile been by far the VF’s most successful driver with 40 wins ahead of his current Triple Eight team-mates van Gisbergen (19) and Craig Lowndes (16).

Others to win in VFs as primary drivers are James Courtney (6), Fabian Coulthard (5), Garth Tander (4), Jason Bright (3), Scott McLaughlin (2), Will Davison (2), Tim Slade (2) and Nick Percat.

YearRaceCircuitWinning DriverWinning Co-Driver
12013Race 1AdelaideCraig Lowndes 

22013Race 2AdelaideShane van Gisbergen 
32013Race 3Symmons PlainsFabian Coulthard 
42013Race 4Symmons PlainsJason Bright 
52013Race 5Symmons PlainsFabian Coulthard 
62013Race 6PukekoheScott McLaughlin 
72013Race 7PukekoheJamie Whincup 
82013Race 9PukekoheJason Bright 

92013Race 10BarbagalloCraig Lowndes 
102013Race 11BarbagalloJamie Whincup 
112013Race 12BarbagalloJamie Whincup 
122013Race 13Circuit of The AmericasJamie Whincup 
132013Race 14Circuit of The AmericasJamie Whincup 
142013Race 15Circuit of The AmericasFabian Coulthard 
152013Race 16Circuit of The AmericasJamie Whincup 
162013Race 17Hidden ValleyJamie Whincup 
172013Race 19Hidden ValleyCraig Lowndes 
182013Race 21TownsvilleGarth Tander 

192013Race 22Queensland RacewayJamie Whincup 
202013Race 23Queensland RacewayScott McLaughlin 
212013Race 27WintonJames Courtney 
222013Race 28SandownJamie WhincupPaul Dumbrell
232013Race 30Gold CoastCraig LowndesWarren Luff
242013Race 32Phillip IslandGarth Tander 
252013Race 33Phillip IslandCraig Lowndes 
262013Race 34Phillip IslandJamie Whincup 
272013Race 35Sydney Olympic ParkJamie Whincup 
282013Race 36Sydney Olympic ParkShane van Gisbergen 
292014Race 1AdelaideJamie Whincup 
302014Race 2AdelaideCraig Lowndes 
312014Race 3AdelaideJames Courtney 
322014Race 4Symmons PlainsJamie Whincup 
332014Race 5Symmons PlainsJamie Whincup 
342014Race 6Symmons PlainsCraig Lowndes 
352014Race 7WintonFabian Coulthard 

362014Race 10PukekoheJason Bright 
372014Race 12PukekoheShane van Gisbergen 
382014Race 15BarbagalloCraig Lowndes 
392014Race 17Hidden ValleyJamie Whincup 
402014Race 18Hidden ValleyJamie Whincup 
412014Race 20TownsvilleJamie Whincup 
422014Race 21TownsvilleGarth Tander 
432014Race 22TownsvilleJamie Whincup 

442014Race 23Queensland RacewayJamie Whincup 
452014Race 24Queensland RacewayJamie Whincup 
462014Race 25Queensland RacewayJames Courtney 
472014Race 26Sydney Motorsport ParkShane van Gisbergen 
482014Race 27Sydney Motorsport ParkShane van Gisbergen 
492014Race 29SandownJamie WhincupPaul Dumbrell
502014Race 31Gold CoastShane van GisbergenJonathon Webb

512014Race 32Gold CoastJamie WhincupPaul Dumbrell
522014Race 34Phillip IslandJamie Whincup 
532014Race 36Sydney Olympic ParkJamie Whincup 
542014Race 37Sydney Olympic ParkJamie Whincup 
552014Race 38Sydney Olympic ParkShane van Gisbergen 
562015Race 1AdelaideJamie Whincup 
572015Race 2AdelaideFabian Coulthard 
582015Race 3AdelaideJames Courtney 

592015Race 4Symmons PlainsCraig Lowndes 
602015Race 5Symmons PlainsCraig Lowndes 
612015Race 6Symmons PlainsJamie Whincup 
622015Race 14Hidden ValleyCraig Lowndes 
632015Race 22Sydney Motorsport ParkJamie Whincup 
642015Race 25BathurstCraig LowndesSteven Richards

652015Race 26Gold CoastShane van GisbergenJonathon Webb
662015Race 27Gold CoastJames CourtneyJack Perkins
672015Race 28PukekoheJamie Whincup 
682015Race 30PukekoheJamie Whincup 
692015Race 31Phillip IslandCraig Lowndes 
702015Race 32Phillip IslandJamie Whincup 
712015Race 33Phillip IslandCraig Lowndes 
722015Race 34Sydney Olympic ParkJamie Whincup 
732015Race 35Sydney Olympic ParkJamie Whincup 
742015Race 36Sydney Olympic ParkShane van Gisbergen 
752016Race 1AdelaideJamie Whincup 
762016Race 2AdelaideJames Courtney 
772016Race 3AdelaideNick Percat 

782016Race 4Symmons PlainsShane van Gisbergen 
792016Race 5Symmons PlainsWill Davison 
802016Race 8BarbagalloCraig Lowndes 
812016Race 10WintonTim Slade 
822016Race 11WintonTim Slade 

832016Race 13Hidden ValleyShane van Gisbergen 
842016Race 14 TownsvilleJamie Whincup 
852016Race 15 TownsvilleShane van Gisbergen 
862016Race 16 Queensland RacewayShane van Gisbergen 
872016Race 17 Queensland RacewayCraig Lowndes 
882016Race 18 Sydney Motorsport ParkShane van Gisbergen 
892016Race 19 Sydney Motorsport ParkJamie Whincup 
902016Race 20 SandownGarth TanderWarren Luff
912016Race 21 BathurstWill DavisonJonathon Webb

922016Race 22 Gold CoastShane van GisbergenAlexandre Prémat
932016Race 23 Gold CoastJamie WhincupPaul Dumbrell
942016Race 24 PukekoheJamie Whincup 
952016Race 25 PukekoheShane van Gisbergen 
962016Race 27 PukekoheJamie Whincup 
972016Race 28 Sydney Olympic ParkJamie Whincup 
982016Race 29 Sydney Olympic ParkShane van Gisbergen 
992017Race 1AdelaideShane van Gisbergen 
1002017Race 2AdelaideShane van Gisbergen 

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