Shorter off-season could help Brown in 2021

  • Dunlop Super2 Series
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  • 18/06/2020
  • By Joshua Makhoul

Will Brown believes a shorter than usual end-of-year break could serve as a benefit to his 2021 main game graduation with Erebus Motorsport.


Prior to the current season, the 22-year-old scored a full-time drive with Erebus a year in advance, while also joining Image Racing from Eggleston Motorsport for his final stint in the development class.

Brown left the opening round in Adelaide third in the standings, before the season was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At this point the second-tier series will restart on July 18-19 at Winton and end in December, meaning the summer break may be shorter than it would ordinarily be.

That in turn could gift Brown the opportunity to carry forward momentum built from 2020 into his main game journey.

"The off-season break for next year won't be very long, so that might be beneficial," Brown told

"It would've been great to have a big year, but everyone is in the same boat and mentally I'm not thinking it has ruined my year.

"I'm not too stressed on that side of it, I'm just keen to get back in the car and do the best job with the racing we're doing.

"I know we just came out of an off-season, so it is a long one, but we all know what we've got to do.

"I guess some of us young guys haven't been driving as much, but we've still done a lot of driving... a couple of laps and we'll be back into the swing of things."

Despite a five-month hiatus from physical racing by the time Winton arrives, Brown says Image has taken the opportunity to further develop their package during the break.

Brown and teammate Jordan Boys are yet to cut laps in their refined Commodores, however he is hopeful they'll secure a test day before hitting the track at Winton.

"There are definitely some developments that Image Racing did with the cars over the break," Brown said.

"A lot of the development was done at the end of last year, but it's just about getting it right and refining it all.

"After Adelaide we probably found a few things that weren't right and it's just about getting all that correct, a bit of revising.

"We're definitely looking to lock in a date, for us we'll probably do it as close to the race meet as we can, it just depends with so many [COVID-19] restrictions in Queensland.

The Toowoomba product admits he was hoping to secure a string of main game wildcard stints with Erebus before his debut next year, but those plans have likely been scuppered.

"We were hoping to do wildcards that we haven't announced, but we might not be able to do that now," he explained.

"The schedule we had at the start of the year and the stuff we have locked in we will still be doing.

"It changed the dates of the racing and that's about it really, we've still got the same plan and everything is still going ahead for next year."

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