Solution for chicane limits

  • Repco Supercars Championship
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  • 22/10/2016
  • By Kassie Gadeke

Driving standards observer Jason Bargwanna has met with drivers and team owners to determine the best positioning for the tyre bundle at turn eight, where drivers had been pinged for exceeding track limits.

After practice yesterday at the Castrol Gold Coast 600 street circuit, drivers were confused about the amount of kerb they could take at the chicanes before triggering the sensor that automatically deletes their fastest lap time.

After practice one, a tyre bundle was repositioned to help prevent splitter damage as the Supercars pounded through turn eight looking for fast lap times. That meant the racing line through the beach chicane changed for the second and third sessions, which led to yesterday’s confusion.

This was discussed in last night’s drivers briefing before making a determination this morning based on driver preference, which was been communicated to teams before qualifying.

Supercars drivers qualified this morning, before this afternoon’s 300km race.

There are two points on the track where drivers can be penalised for exceeding limits and lose their fastest lap time – the beach chicane, and the front chicane.

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