Wilkinson inducted into Supercars Media Association Hall of Fame

06 Oct
'Wilko' acknowledged for 25 years of motorsport broadcasting at 60th anniversary Bathurst 1000
2 mins by James Pavey
  • Wilkinson inducted to the Supercars Media Association Hall of Fame

  • Experienced broadcaster one of the voices of Bathurst in late 20th century

  • 'Wilko' negotiated 1992 Bathurst podium, worked on Olympics, Comm Games

Famed broadcaster Garry Wilkinson has been acknowledged for his 25 years of motorsport broadcasting, becoming inducted to the Supercars Media Association Hall of Fame.

‘Wilko’ was awarded the honour at the 60th anniversary Repco Bathurst 1000 on Friday.

It comes as Wilkinson makes his first trip to Bathurst since the 1998 Bathurst 1000. He becomes the 23rd inductee to the Supercars Media Association Hall of Fame.

As part of the Seven Network broadcast team, Wilkinson famously negotiated the notorious 1992 Bathurst podium, and also worked on multiple Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Australian Open Championships.

He also hosted the nightly news bulletins for the Seven Network and Sky News.

“It’s the biggest surprise I have had in a long time, such an unexpected thing,” Wilkinson said. 

"I came to motorsport with no technical knowledge, I was foolish enough to put my hand up to cover for someone who was unavailable and I never looked back.

"Without any hesitation [Neil] Crompton is the best thing that has happened to motorsport in the past 40 years, He has grown into the job and excelled.

“I couldn’t have survived in motorsport if it wasn’t for the people who provided support, and were not afraid to tell me if I got something wrong.

“My interest was in the people behind the wheel or the people in the pit crew. It’s the same with any sport I cover; it’s not about the technicalities it is about the sport and the people and personalities."

One of the relationships he developed was with Allan Moffat, firstly as a driver before they worked together on broadcasts.

“He is such a misunderstood gentleman, he needed 110 per cent focus and a lot of people didn’t understand what that was,” Wilkinson said of Moffat.

“But if you waited until he was ready, he would always come over and provide you with good information. He was outstanding in the commentary box as well, he didn’t say much, but when he did, it was worth hearing."

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