Whincup: No call yet on SVG NASCAR decision

27 Jul
'We want to make a call sooner rather than later'
3 mins by James Pavey

Jamie Whincup says no call has yet been made on Shane van Gisbergen's future amid rumours of a switch to NASCAR.

Van Gisbergen’s Supercars future is a hot topic in the paddock after he shocked world motorsport with a debut NASCAR win earlier this month.

The 78-time Supercars race winner has locked in a second Cup start at Indianapolis next month.

Van Gisbergen signed a new deal with Triple Eight prior to the win, tying the Kiwi to the team in 2024 and with an option for 2025.

Triple Eight boss Whincup said after the win that he wouldn’t stand in the way of star driver should a NASCAR deal present itself.

"I think it’s a five at the moment,” Whincup replied when asked to rate van Gisbergen’s chances of racing in Supercars next year.

"There’s not much for me to do right now until he says, ‘Hey, I really want to go to US.’

“But he hasn’t made that call yet. I think he’ll make that call shortly.

“Then once he makes that call – hopefully he stays for all of our sakes – but if he decides to move on, then I’ll start the process of working out who’s going to jump in the car.”

Van Gisbergen will again race with Trackhouse Racing's Project91 project, and will share the grid with Supercars rival Brodie Kostecki.

Whincup admitted he would like a decision prior to the Indy race so he can get a clearer picture of his 2024 line-up. However, he stopped short on a deadline.

“It certainly could, but we’d all like to make a decision before that,” Whincup said when asked if the Indy race could have a bearing on a decision.


“It’s only two weeks away, for sure, so it’s late in the day, it’s the 12th hour, really.

“It’s past the 11th hour trying to work out who your drivers are for 2024, so we want to make a call sooner rather than later.

'We want to make a call sooner rather than later'

“Once we know a bit more, we’ll certainly let you know — we don’t try to hold any secrets.

“We just we don’t know what the line-up’s going to be for ‘24 yet.”

Whincup himself didn’t rule out a comeback of his own should his star driver leave, saying, “Never say never”.

However, the seven time champion admitted he is “looking around” for options.

“We’ve all seen [Fernando] Alonso do his thing [in Formula One]. It’s only halfway through the championship there but he’s doing a great job,” Whincup said.

“But, we’re looking around. I wish I wasn’t. I had drivers contracted for 2024 but there could be a curveball there.”

“So, there’s nothing more to add than what already know, but it is what it is.”

Van Gisbergen and Kostecki will compete at this weekend’s Beaurepaires Sydney SuperNight.

Supercars hit the track on Saturday for Practice 1 at 12:15pm local time/AEST.

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