The best charges through the field in 2022

19 Dec 2022
45 instances of a driver gaining 10-plus spots
4 mins by James Pavey

The 2022 Repco Supercars Championship was the year of the comeback, with several drivers making big charges through the field.

The 34 races, there were a whopping 45 instances of a driver gaining 10 or more positions in a race.

It happened at least once at all 13 rounds, with a season-high nine instances at Albert Park.

Of the 26 full-time drivers that raced in 2022, 23 gained 10 or spots in a race at least once.

Tim Slade achieved the feat a staggering seven times — or once every five races.

Slade, in his final season for CoolDrive Racing, also passed more cars than any other driver, and by some margin.

The 37-year-old gained 160 positions from starting spots this season. For reference, the next best didn’t reach 90.

The single biggest positional gain in a race was Shane van Gisbergen’s remarkable run from 23rd to third at Albert Park.

Van Gisbergen had been stung by a red flag in Race 6 qualifying, and didn’t set a representative time.

He benefited from rivals’ tyre woes to finish just nine seconds from the win.

Nick Percat saved his best until last with an 18-position gain in the penultimate race of the season.

Percat completed a memorable Walkinshaw Andretti United one-two in Adelaide after starting 20th.

A day later, Lee Holdsworth — in his final race — charged from 22nd to ninth, helping Penrite Racing clinch fifth in the teams’ standings.

The 2023 Repco Supercars Championship will commence in Newcastle next March.

Tickets are on sale on Supercars.com and Ticketek.com.

10 or more positions gained in a race in 2022

45 instances

7: Tim Slade6: Lee Holdsworth5: Nick Percat2: Shane van Gisbergen, James Courtney, Will Brown, Jake Kostecki, Garry Jacobson, Jack Le Brocq, Jack Smith1: Chaz Mostert, Cam Waters, Todd Hazelwood, Scott Pye, Bryce Fullwood, Mark Winterbottom, James Golding, Chris Pither, Andre Heimgartner, Macauley Jones, David Reynolds, Will Davison, Brodie Kostecki


9: Albert Park7: Tasmania5: The Bend4: Sydney3: Darwin, Sandown, Gold Coast, Adelaide2: Perth, Pukekohe, Bathurst1: Winton, Townsville

20 positions

Shane van Gisbergen, Albert Park Race 6 (23rd to 3rd)

18 positions

Nick Percat, Adelaide Race 33 (20th to 2nd)

15 positions

Shane van Gisbergen, Sydney Race 2 (21st to 6th)Will Brown, Sydney Race 2 (23rd to 8th)Garry Jacobson, Albert Park Race 7 (21st to 6th)Bryce Fullwood/Dean Fiore, Bathurst Race 30 (24th to 9th)Tim Slade, Gold Coast Race 32 (25th to 10th)Mark Winterbottom, Adelaide Race 33 (21st to 6th)

14 positions

Tim Slade, Sydney Race 2 (24th to 10th)Garry Jacobson, Albert Park Race 8 (24th to 10th)

13 positions

Scott Pye, Albert Park Race 6 (24th to 11th)Lee Holdsworth, Perth Race 10 (24th to 11th)Nick Percat, Townsville Race 20 (25th to 12th)Tim Slade, The Bend Race 23 (24th to 11th)Lee Holdsworth, Adelaide Race 34 (22nd to 9th)

12 positions

Tim Slade, Tasmania Race 3 (23rd to 11th)Lee Holdsworth, Tasmania Race 3 (21st to 9th)Chaz Mostert, Tasmania Race 4 (16th to 4th)Will Brown, Tasmania Race 4 (24th to 12th)Lee Holdsworth, Albert Park Race 7 (15th to 3rd)Tim Slade, Albert Park Race 7 (20th to 8th)Jake Kostecki, Albert Park Race 7 (25th to 13th)Nick Percat, Winton Race 15 (27th to 15th)Tim Slade, Darwin Race 16 (24th to 12th)James Golding, Sandown Race 24 (25th to 13th)Chris Pither, Pukekohe Race 27 (25th to 13th)Andre Heimgartner, Gold Coast Race 32 (20th to 8th)

11 positions

Cam Waters, Sydney Race 1 (22nd to 11th)Nick Percat, Tasmania Race 5 (21st to 10th)Todd Hazelwood, Albert Park Race 9 (25th to 14th)Lee Holdsworth, Darwin Race 16 (26th to 15th)Macauley Jones, The Bend Race 22 (25th to 14th)Tim Slade, The Bend Race 22 (27th to 16th)David Reynolds, Sandown Race 24 (23rd to 12th)Lee Holdsworth, Pukekohe Race 27 (23rd to 12th)Jack Le Brocq/Aaron Seton, Bathurst Race 30 (25th to 14th)

10 positions

James Courtney, Tasmania Race 4 (18th to 8th)Jake Kostecki, Tasmania Race 3 (24th to 14th)Jack Le Brocq, Albert Park Race 8 (22nd to 12th)Nick Percat, Perth Race 12 (25th to 15th)James Courtney, Darwin Race 16 (19th to 9th)Will Davison, The Bend Race 22 (23rd to 13th)Brodie Kostecki, The Bend Race 23 (13th to 3rd)Jack Smith, Sandown Race 26 (25th to 15th)Jack Smith, Gold Coast Race 32 (24th to 14th)

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