Opinions split over Waters/DJR clashes

21 May 2023
'I was on good laps, and caught a DJR car both times'
3 mins by James Pavey

Opinions are split in the Tickford Racing and Shell V-Power Racing Team camps after Cam Waters hit both Dick Johnson Racing Fords in Sunday qualifying.

Waters collided with Anton De Pasquale in Race 11 qualifying, before running into Will Davison in the Race 12 session.

All the while, points leader Brodie Kostecki claimed both ARMOR ALL Pole Positions at Symmons Plains Raceway.

Waters was set to move up the time sheets in the Race 11 session as he caught De Pasquale’s slipstream down the back straight.

However, Waters made nose-to-tail contact with the #11 Shell V-Power Ford, and ended up 10th in the session, with De Pasquale 19th.

Later, Waters was following Davison at the same spot — but the #6 Monster Mustang was forced to make a move, and the two cars made side-to-side contact.

Waters was unable to better his lap, and ended up third. Davison, meanwhile, was 24th.

“It was all going on — it’s hard, because everyone’s trying to get a tow,” Waters said.

“There were people playing games, and it creates so much congestion. It’s always going to happen.

“I was on good laps every time, and caught a DJR car both times.

“I don’t know if they were making mistakes, or they were generally that slow. If they’re that slow, I feel really bad for the drivers.

“I’m on a good lap, I have no choice but to get it done. It probably cost myself a few spots, it cost them a few spots.

“I was lucky I was third in that one, if I got that lap I probably would have been on pole, which would’ve been nice.

“I started my third lap on his bumper, I got a good tow, I was way faster and had to get the job done.”

After the first session, Tickford boss Tim Edwards reiterated that running in clear air may not have offered a better outcome.


“Nobody wants to go first, everyone wants a tow,” Edwards said.

“You’re all playing cat and mouse, and obviously they all did a slow out-laps and you trip over each other.

“You just don’t know what you don’t know — wind or no wind, the tow is worth so much here."

DJR Team Principal Ben Croke cut a frustrated figure: "It’s not the smartest thing [Waters has] probably ever done.

“Whether it’s him on track or his team can’t manage the gap to the car in front in qualifying.

“To run into the car behind because he’s frustrated if probably not appropriate.”

De Pasquale said: “It happens around here — when you start laps so closely, at some point the chance of that happening if you make an error.

“It is what it is — we’ll press on.”

Davison added: “I wasn’t looking in the mirror, I’ll give you the tip.

“The second lap didn’t go to plan, so I was on my best lap for sure. We would’ve jumped up a long way further.

"Cam obviously got a monster tow up the back straight — he does that, he follows very close to maximise his tow down the back straight.

"I can’t disappear, so he tried to pass me but I felt a big whack. Annoying, but I get it from both sides, I'm sure he’s annoyed too.

“You’ve got to pick your gaps — you want a tow, but you know if you get too close, you get more straight-line speed, but a car’s in your way in the braking zone.

“It’s always a compromise."

Race 11 will commence at 1:05pm local time, followed by Race 12 at 3:50pm.

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