Mostert hails WAU crew for Gen3 turnaround

17 Feb 2023
‘It’s amazing to see it come together'
2 mins by James Pavey

Chaz Mostert has paid tribute to Walkinshaw Andretti United staff for the team’s major off-season turnaround.

Mostert and Nick Percat drove WAU’s first ever Ford Supercars at Winton on Wednesday.

The team has undergone perhaps the biggest change of all, given its switch to the Blue Oval.

It was also the first running in Gen3 machinery for WAU, which operated as a Holden team between 1990 and 2022.

The WAU-to-Ford narrative was one of the most publicised heading into 2023, given the team’s Holden history.

Come 2023, and it became reality once the two WAU Mustangs rolled out of Winton pit lane.

Wednesday’s shakedown ran near-faultlessly according to Mostert, with both cars making it through the day unscathed.

For Mostert, the running was testament to the hard work in the off-season, given the team not only built its own chassis, but is also moving into a new headquarters.

Raw vision: WAU test first Ford Supercars

“It’s a credit to our guys and girls back at the workshop,” Mostert told Supercars.com.

“Where these cars were a month-and-a-half ago to where they are now, it’s amazing to see it come together.

“Today’s about running around, system checks, making sure the cars run faultlessly — so far, so good.

“It's pretty awesome to see the first WAU Ford roll around the track.


“There’ll be more running over the next couple weeks. Obviously got Eastern Creek next week, the official test day.

"Then we’ll start to work out we need to do set-up wise. The next couple days will be crucial to get a direction for Newcastle.

“Getting some kays on the cars and then work out what we might need to do in the long run.”

Getting the cars onto the track, like other teams, proved crucial as drivers aimed to find comfort and, later, scope for tuning.

History made: Inside WAU's first Ford test

Mostert and Percat only drove the Gen3 Ford prototype once each in 2022.

Teams will now test together at Sydney Motorsport Park next Wednesday.

WAU Team Principal Bruce Stewart added: “It’s awesome to get the guys to feel how these Gen3 cars go on track.

“How we can improve the base set-up, and look to improve the car.

“This has been a huge hump, but I’m really, really, really proud to be part of this team.

“Really proud of the great work that’s gone in… we can’t wait to get them on the track."

The 2023 Repco Supercars Championship will commence at the Thrifty Newcastle 500 on March 10-12.

Tickets are on sale on Supercars.com and Ticketek.com.

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