Minimum weight increase for Supercars

07 Sep
Change effective from next weekend's Sandown 500
2 mins by James Pavey
  • Minimum weight of cars has been increased

  • Supercars will now be 1340kg, up from 1335kg

  • Change effective from next weekend's Penrite Oil Sandown 500

The minimum weight of cars in the Repco Supercars Championship has been increased, effective from next weekend’s Penrite Oil Sandown 500.

Prior to Sandown, the minimum weight for all cars without carrying excessive ballast was 1335kg total dry (of fuel) and 725kg minimum front axle, with driver ballast (to 95kg).

For the final four rounds of the 2023 season, the figure has been increased by five kilograms to 1340kg, with the front axle weight remaining at 725kg.

The 1340kg minimum weight applies for both enduro and non-enduro events.

Ballast can be shared across the undertray ballast position on the front clip for front axle minimum weight, and the driver’s seat ballast position and the coolsuit box fixing locations only.

The weight limit change — which has been signed off by the Supercars Commission — has been made following a submission by Supercars at request of the Technical Working Group (TWG).


Some teams have struggled to meet the current weight limit and, with the eight of 12 rounds in 2023 season complete, repairs to bodywork and other components add weight to a car over its life time.

Supercars and the TWG are continuing to investigate means to lower the minimum weight of the car via updated manufacturing processes for various components.

The rule update is as follows:

  • C4.1.1: The minimum weight of a Car is 1340 kg and will include the weight of the Driver wearing their complete Driver’s apparel as detailed in Rule D23.1 and D23.3, as recorded by the HoM, or with the Driver on board.

  • C4.1.2: At each Endurance Event, the following will apply:

  • The minimum weight of 1340 kg applies to any Driver who takes part in any qualifying session

The Gen3 era will shift to enduro mode at next weekend’s Penrite Oil Sandown 500, with cars on track for practice on Friday September 15.

Tickets for the event are on sale now on Ticketek.com and Supercars.com.

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