Frustration for Payne, Waters over dramatic crash

23 Mar
Tempers flare as Fords collide chasing victory in Melbourne
3 mins by James Pavey, Pics by Supercars.com
  • Matt Payne and Cam Waters crash out of Race 5

  • Payne and Waters collided heading into final corner

  • Incident paved way to victory for Broc Feeney

Matt Payne and Cam Waters have traded opinions after a dramatic crash that took both Ford drivers out of Race 5 in Melbourne.

Payne and Waters collided heading into the final corner on lap 2 at Albert Park, with the latter’s Monster Ford riding the concrete wall.

The Penrite Mustang, meanwhile, suffered a flat left-rear tyre and spun into the wall, with the rear wing ripped off the car.

Waters confronted Payne after the crash, remonstrating with the pole-sitter before slamming the passenger door.

The incident was investigated, but no further action was taken.


The incident paved the way for Broc Feeney to win the race ahead of teammate Will Brown, whose championship lead was reduced to 12 points.

“Obviously didn't quite get the start I said I was gonna get,” said Payne, who was jumped off the line by Waters, before retaking the lead just before the crash.

“Just trying to race pretty fairly, I thought, didn't really think there was any need to hit me off in the second to last corner, to be honest with you.

“Just was trying to open up the last corner to give myself the best opportunity to get a good run onto the straight, and he was there. I didn't even know he was there.

"So it's unfortunate. Like, we were in a really good position, obviously to win the race. So yeah, it's disappointing. But yeah, that's what it is.

“You're always going to have races like this where it's unfortunate you have an incident.

"The whole team is really getting behind each other and there's some really good momentum going on at the moment, obviously with the pole and starting second tomorrow, which will be good for us.”


Waters drops to 19th in the championship with the DNF, and was disappointed to damage his new car, which debuted this weekend.

“He had a pretty cool pass on me at [Turn] 11, and I was going to try and get him back at 12. It didn't happen and at 13 he just checked it up and I got in the back of him and got under him,” Waters said.

"I was just trying to set him up for the last corner and he's just come across and, yeah, I was beside him.

"I don't know if he didn't see I was there, but if he didn't know I was there, it's pretty bad spatial awareness. But, yeah, really, really bad.

“Like, brand new car, put in the wall, obviously his thing's got damage as well, and it's just shit, mate.

“The boys will fix her up all night, I've got an amazing crew, I'll pick my bottom lip up and try to go tomorrow.”

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