Season highlights: Bright rolls at Clipsal

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  • 10/07/2014
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With 22 of 38 races complete for 2014, looks back at some of the season highlights so far.

From an explosive Clipsal 500, first win for one of the newer manufacturers, to young guns punching above their weight, we have already seen so many highs and lows that will characterise this season as one of the best for years to come.

Jason Bright's spectacular rollover at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide was defining for so many reasons.

Not just demonstrating the passion, mental strength and the spectacle V8 Supercars racing is - but showing the dedication of the teams up and down pitlane.

The crash - which occurred after a scurried restart, cars bumping through the field and ultimately nudging the BOC Holden Commodore - had huge implications for Brad Jones Racing, having to reassemble a car for the following Rolex Australian Grand Prix event, and ultimately changing the team's schedule for the year.

Bright - who emerged unscathed, due to the strong safety standards in V8 Supercars - also took an early hit to his Championship tally at the start of a year he felt could bring him the number one he has fought for over many years. LINK

The crash was the biggest accident of his V8 Supercars career, the 41-year old never suffering a rollover before.

"It was actually a little bit more gentle than what I expected to happen in a blink of an eye," Bright said.

"At the same time, it felt like I was tumbling for a little while, the little pirouette I did up on the tyre barrier.

"It probably didn't look like it felt inside the car - I felt very secure in the seat. I felt like I was upside down quite a while, it was a bit of a heavy landing at the end.

"In hindsight, it felt quite gentle from what I expected in a rollover."

Bright said reactions from others indicated how severe the accident had looked from outside the car.

"I've been in situations before where I've driven past an accident and been worried about the guy in the accident, their reaction more than anything probably told me how spectacular it was."

The team had just over a week to have a car ready before the next event - the crew worked overtime to build a new chassis for the following Melbourne Rolex Australian Grand Prix round.

"They did an amazing job of getting that car rebuilt. The team did a great job of keeping everyone updated on how the rebuild was going.

"The reaction from everyone was fantastic," Bright said.

Shortly after in New Zealand Bright bounced back from the drama to record his first ARMOR ALL Pole Position and race win of the year.

He racked up another Pole Award after controversy at the weekend in Townsville and while he sits 11th at the moment, he has been on the cusp of the top 10 since recovering from the Clipsal shock, after that strong points haul in Auckland.

Is this your favourite moment of 2014? Tell us why below and stay tuned for's upcoming highlights videos.

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