Fast Five at Five: With Dale Wood

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  • 21/08/2014
  • By V8 Supercars

One of pit lane's funniest men spent a few minutes with - and we knew he'd be trouble when he walked in. If you could race with any Championship driver at Bathurst, who you haven't paired with before, who would you choose?

"Probably Rick (Kelly). We get on pretty well and have a pretty good time out of the car, so if there was ever the opportunity to partner up with anybody I hadn't been with before - I enjoyed it with Chaz (Mostert, last year) so I can't say him - so I'll say Rick."

What do you have on your bucket list that isn't related to motorsport?

"I need to have a think about this one. I don't want to say something of the norm."

Last week Scott McLaughlin said skydiving...

"I've skydived a few times, but you can't be particularly good at skydiving. You just fall out of the sky?

"A tough one. I'm a bloody lucky bastard, I've done lots of cool things."

What about travel?

"I absolutely love travel. I'd love to do, like a Hamish and Andy Gap Year style travel thing, where I try a whole lot of real loose stuff and do some fairly crazy things. I'd love to hire scooters and ride through Vietnam - your readers might thing that's a bit soft. I don't know, but anything that's an adventure I really like doing."

Last sporting event/concert/show you've been to as a fan?

"Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift, and I love Jessica Mauboy. I'm nuts about those two.

"The last concert I went to was with my wife, to Taylor Swift - she got me those tickets, and I screamed like the thousands of 15-year old girls I had around me all night... I'm prouder of this than my last answer!"

Last week's question from McLaughlin, who is your celebrity crush and why - but we've already gotten into it, haven't we?

"Yeah. Definitely it'd be either of those two... (My karaoke song) would be Beautiful by Jessica Mauboy, I reckon. Don't ask me to do it unless I've had a bit of courage installed into me."

Your question for the next driver?

(It takes some time to get to his final answer, while Wood discards 'if you'd wear a dress', 'scruncher or folder' and 'what's your best dish in the kitchen'.)

"If you were going to enter yourself in the Olympics what would it be?

"Actually, let's go with Winter Olympics, because if I say normal Olympics they'll all say cycling.

"I'd pick ice curling. They're all going to say bobsleigh, but anyway - get them to choose, if you had to enter one sport in the Winter Olympics what would it be?"

See Wood in action at the Sydney Motorsport Park 400 this weekend in the ADVAM/GB Gal Holden Commodore. Tickets are available now.

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