Championship Talks Already?

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  • 04/05/2013
  • By V8 Supercars

It wasn’t long ago Fabian Coulthard won hisfirst V8 Supercars Championship race. The Lockwood racer has shown strong formin 2013 – and his position in the points is finally starting to reflect that,with the Kiwi driver now fifth in the tally.

But is it too soon to talk Championship,when only nine of 36 races have been completed this year?

“For me it’s nice to be in this positionbut we’ve got a long way to go,” Coulthard said after yesterday’s Practice.Overall he was third quickest on the first day of the Chill Perth 360 atBarbagallo Raceway.

“For me it’s not about the Championship atthe moment, we’re just going race by race, round by round, collecting as manypoints as we can and we’ll worry about that later down the track.”

It started a bit sour for Coulthard with poor results at the Clipsal 500, one of the toughest but most rewarding eventson the calendar.

“We’ve got good progression at the moment– we finished Clipsal 22nd and we’re now fifth so we’re on the up, goingin the right direction.

“But obviously finishing races, gettingpoints is the big key coming to the end of the year.”

While Brad Jones Racing looks like the teamto beat this year – Coulthard and his teammate Jason Bright the onlydrivers to have won multiple Championship races in 2013 – there is thepotential the small team could be overpowered by larger ones further down thetrack this season. They will need to stay ahead.

“That’s the important thing for us – wehave to keep improving the car. We can’t just sit on our hands and expect thecar to be good everywhere we go. So we are evolving with the car and making itbetter each round.

“It was the same as everybody else – we’restill learning the car and making it better and the big thing for us is I thinkwe’ve now got equal equipment to everybody else.

“The car I was driving last year wasprobably 2008 at best so it had a pretty hard life. But now we’ve got equipmentthat’s the same as everybody else – if not better – at some points of thetrack, but we’ll jut keep evolving it, hopefully get the points and worry aboutthe Championship further along.”

Points leader Will Davison also believed itwas too soon to talk Championship.

Though is it easy to say that when you haveplenty of points in the bag? 

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