Bathurst-themed NED Whisky line wins awards

07 Aug
'Sounds of Bathurst 2022' whisky's double win
2 mins by James Pavey

A Bathurst-themed NED Whisky line has been recognised with two industry-leading awards.

NED Whisky, the Official Whisky of Supercars, introduced the ‘Sounds of Bathurst 2022’ line last year.

'Sounds of Bathurst 2022' triumphed with gold medals at both the esteemed Australian Distilled Spirits Awards and the Melbourne International Spirits Competition.

A unique whisky experience: Sound-aged to perfection

A product of our partnership with the Supercars series, what makes the Sounds of Bathurst different is the aging process. We take reserve-grade barrels of NED Australian Whisky and ‘sound age’ them to the distinct and powerful sound of a V8-engined Supercar roaring around Bathurst. It’s not just a gimmick; it’s an exercise in flavour development that sets this whisky apart.

Understanding the power of sound in maturation

The process of sound aging may be unfamiliar, but its impact on the final product is profound. Our selected barrels are placed in a sound-proof container and blasted with the audio. Already mature whisky, the barrels in the 2022 spent over 1,000 hours in the sound box. The intense sound energy from the V8 engine agitates and invigorates the whisky as it matures. Whisky maturation involves a chemical relationship between the barrel and new make spirit (unaged whisky). If you add different sources of energy into the process, the reactions change, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the intense sound vibrations. We find it adds another level of complexity to the flavours and texture.

Progressive approach yielding results


The success of Sounds of Bathurst 2022 is a testament to the NED distilling and maturation team’s progressive approach to whisky creation. We’ve loved the results of both the 2021 and 2022 editions, but external validation is always nice as well. Because of the release date around Bathurst in October each year, Sounds of Bathurst misses a lot of the competitions of its year. While we’re gearing up to release the 2023 edition of this limited edition, we were delighted to see good news arrive in the inbox this week – two Gold medals in the space of a week.

Racing forward

The Sounds of Bathurst 2023 release is just around the corner. Coinciding with the 60th anniversary of The Great Race, we’ve got a surprise or two in the barrel for this year’s edition.

Sounds Of Bathurst 2022 Tasting Notes

Aroma: Chocolate with malted milk and dark toffee

Taste: Oak, caramel and dark chocolate

Finish: Long, with sweet oak and chocolate

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