21 Supercars GIFs to help you through lockdown

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  • 04/09/2021
  • By Charlie Bullis

With many of our fans across Australia and New Zealand in lockdown, Supercars.com wanted to bring some lighthearted laughs to your weekend.

We have dug through the archives of the official Repco Supercars Championship Giphy channel to bring you 21 GIFs for lockdown-relatable moments.

1. When you finish your last zoom meeting for the day

2. When your mate needs that extra boost

3. When you light up the rears...in your driveway

4. When you realise it's Spring outside

5. When you are giving the Uber Eats driver directions

6. When someone says your food is ready

7. When someone tells you to turn off SuperArchive

8. When you’ve stayed in your pyjamas all day

9. When your partner asks you to share

10. When your kids say they are hungry again

11. When cutting the grass is the closest thing to racing

12. When you take a shower before midday

13. When you're proud of yourself for cleaning the house

14. When you first see your friends after lockdown

15. When you want to create that party vibe at home

16. When your NSW friends try to visit you in Queensland

17. When we all see Dean Canto again

18. When the fridge is empty...again

19. After the state premier's daily press conference

20. When you reach the border of your LGA

21. When we are all trackside again

All of the Repco Supercars Championship GIFs can be found on the official Supercars Championship Giphy page, click here for more.

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