WD-40 is known and loved by all Australians; and there wouldn't be too many garages across Australia without the familiar blue and yellow WD-40 can.

With over 2000 uses – everyone has a story of how WD-40 has helped them clean, lubricate, protect, penetrate and displace moisture – whatever project they may be working on.

WD-40 is proud to have been the Official Multi-Use Product Sponsor of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship since 2015.

This year, WD-40 Company is launching a new can, EZ-REACH, which features a long, flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape at the WD-40 Phillip Island 500 SuperSprint.

For more than 60 years, automotive professionals and enthusiasts have used WD-40 Multi-Use Product to get their jobs done, but many have expressed the challenge of getting the formula into tight and hard-to-reach places.

The new WD-40 EZ-REACH, which features an attached, 20cm flexible straw that bends and keeps its shape, allows users to get around corners and crevices to deliver WD-40 Multi-Use Product exactly where it’s needed. 

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