Van Gisbergen drove 'angry' after early drama

31 Oct 2022
Champ-elect ceded lead after Davison shortcut
3 mins by James Pavey

Shane van Gisbergen says he was "angry" and motivated to win following early drama in Race 32 with Will Davison.

Davison led the field into the first hairpin after shortcutting the first chicane.

The #17 Ford drew alongside pole-sitter van Gisbergen into Turn 1, with Davison hit by Mostert.

The incident was later cleared by stewards, and van Gisbergen later passed Davison at Turn 11.

The Red Bull Ampol Racing driver went on to win the race, with Davison third behind Chaz Mostert.

Speaking afterwards, van Gisbergen said he was incensed during the stoppage due to the lap 4 crash.

He used his frustration as fuel to first challenge and then overtake Davison.

Controversy off the start between Davison and SVG

“I was flipping angry at that red flag, like how they let them keep the lead at the first chicane,” van Gisbergen said.

“I haven't analysed that yet, if he got a tap or he got off the brakes, or whatever, whatever it is, I was angry.

“After that restart, I was going through him, or around him, and I went around him, which was good.

“Then I just drove away, like my car was magic.

“It's just relief to do it like that and do it properly.”

On the incident, van Gisbergen said: “In my view in the car, it felt like he got off the brake.

“But maybe he got to hit behind, I'm not sure, but he got a really good start.

SVG's mega dive on Davison for the lead

“We were side by side and I had room to give him room to go around.

“But when I saw he took the straight, I took the apex.

“Then he just came out way in front instead of side by side.

“It is what it is. We have this argument every year. I can't fix it. I just know I fixed it after the restart.”

Davison, who jumped to fourth overall due to teammate Anton De Pasquale’s DSQ, wanted to avoid hitting the big kerb.

“I definitely didn’t get off the brake,” Davison said.

“I got a better start, went pretty deep with a better head on turn in.

“I thought we'll just try and sneak around the outside there, then I felt a little hit in the door on the side.

“Heading towards a huge sausage curb which breaks your car, so obviously, like the last second, I got bumped into there.

“I just stayed right and just thought I'd wait and see what was said.

“Sort of thought I was in front on entry wasn't a big deal. I was just avoiding going across and damaging my car basically.

"I tried to make the corner, but I sort of got pushed so that's what I thought so anyway, there's not much too much more to it.

“I knew they'd be looking at the vision, and I was just sort of waiting to see what they thought was fair.”

The 2022 Repco Supercars Championship will conclude on the Adelaide streets in December.

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