Supercars moves to add additional heat protection

10 Mar
Teams will be allowed to add additional heat shielding
1 mins by James Pavey

Teams will be allowed to add additional heat shielding to their cars overnight after a move by Supercars.

Additional heat protection will be allowed from Saturday’s action at the Thrifty Newcastle 500.

It comes after drivers took to their new Chevrolet Camaros and Ford Mustangs for the first time in anger on Friday.

The pedal box was the primary area of concern, given its proximity to the engine bay.

Speaking after Practice 3, reigning champion Shane van Gisbergen — at 188cm — explained how he battled with Friday’s heat.

"I'm struggling in the car," van Gisbergen said.


"It's so, so hot… if I wriggle my toes, I'm touching the firewall.

"They extended the cabin bit, so that cabin bit is further into the engine bay now.”

Supercars had consulted teams and drivers, with teams allowed to add more heat shielding.

Later, Supercars confirmed to teams that more heat protection can be installed in the cockpit.

It comes ahead of expected temperatures of over 30 degrees on Saturday, which will feature the first race of 2023.

Saturday and Sunday will be headlined by dual 95-lap races. Both races are scheduled to commence at 3:20pm local time.

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