Zukanovic Would Welcome Longer Races

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  • 13/08/2013
  • By V8 Supercars

Dunlop Series veteran Marcus Zukanovic has added his two cents to the ongoing discussions on driving standards, race formats and structure of the Championship.

Zukanovic has the third most Dunlop Series round starts behind Aaron McGill and Geoff Emery and feels a revision of race distances could help improve driving standards.

“I think Casey Stoner raised a good point saying that the races aren’t long enough,” said Zukanovic (read Stoner's comments here)

“Guys are going out and trying to do too much too soon and are making bad judgement calls on passing manoeuvres – I guess that’s where the level of standard drops.”

The Victorian also believes it’s a matter of driver development and adjusting to the series but concedes there is no easy answer.

“It’s each individual person. They need to be relaxed a little and have a bit better thought process.

“Some of the young guys are probably a bit ambitious, trying to prove a point and sometimes that can lead to a lead to a lapse in judgment, but hey, we all make mistakes! I’ve made my fair share of them.

“Driving standards need to be looked at but how do you drum into 31 hot headed drivers that they need to calm down and slow down?”

Despite driving one of the oldest cars in the field – the ex-Paul Morris Motorsport/Russell Ingall Holden Commodore from 2008 – Zukanovic has opposed the suggestion of introducing a points class within the series for drivers in older model vehicles.

“Personally I don’t like the whole class inside a class,” Zukanovic said.

“People have spoken about it in the commission meetings but I don’t know how far it’s gone with but I’d rather race for outright results.”

Zukanovic is currently 19th in the Championship, just 14 points off 18th placed Rodney Jane and 15 points off 17th placed Stoner. 

Heading into the fifth round at Winton he’s more focused on personal goals.

“It probably couldn’t hurt if they introduce something [for privateers] but I’m happy trying to hunt down the big boys and doing the best I can outright.

“I know it would be nice to race for something but I get more satisfaction out of trying to race the factory operations that are prepping cars or closely supporting guys,” he added.

Winton is Zukanovic’s least favourite track on the Dunlop Series calendar after a serious accident in pre-season testing ahead of the 2009 Championship left him sidelined for the year with a broken rib, collarbone and both leg bones on his right side.

 The Winton 360 takes place from August 23-25, with tickets starting from $35. 

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