Reynolds details unexpected quirk of crazy podium celebrations

31 Oct
'I got up there and I thought it was going to go completely different in my head'
  • A fire extinguisher was the "ticket" for David Reynolds in Gold Coast celebration

  • Fire extinguisher put out foam instead of gas, to Reynolds' surprise

  • Crazy celebration came after Reynolds claimed first victory since 2018

A fire extinguisher proved the “ticket” for David Reynolds ahead of his crazy Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 victory celebration, before he was met with an unexpected outcome.

Reynolds scored his first victory since 2018 on Sunday after defeating championship leader Brodie Kostecki in a thrilling finish to Race 26.

The win came at the site of Reynolds’ first career victory in 2013, where he hijacked celebrations by throwing pot plants off the podium and stealing the ARMOR ALL mascot’s hammer.

When he came out with a fire extinguisher on Sunday, Reynolds was ready to wreak more havoc — but it didn’t go to plan.

“I just like to do something different,” Reynolds told media on Monday morning.

Reynolds up to old tricks with crazy podium antics

“Everyone stands up there, gets their trophy, sprays their champagne… It’s kind of boring.

“I always like to do something fun when you win, and I was talking to Jess Yates and she said, ‘What are you going to do?’

“I looked around and I saw a fire extinguisher; I’m like, ‘That’s my ticket.’

“I got up there and I thought it was going to go completely different in my head, though.

“I thought it was going to be like a CO2 canister and I was going to spray a big cloud of mist around everyone and walk out; it’d be like a showmanship thing.

“But, I pressed it and it was water one, and I was like, ‘That’s so disappointing.’

Reynolds basks in drought-breaking Gold Coast win

“Anyway, it was funny, and that’s what everyone’s been talking about today, which is great.”

Reynolds cited the victory as the “hardest-fought” of his career, given his race-long battle with Kostecki.

The 38-year-old hailed the performance of his Penrite Ford in the first two stints, but admitted his performance went away in the final stint as Kostecki harassed him for the lead.

“This is probably one of the highest ones. Like, that’s the hardest-fought win I’ve had,” he said.

“Ideally, I’d like to win by a bit more comfortable margin, but my car wasn’t very good in the last stint, so I had to hold on for dear life.”

Reynolds will roll out for Penrite Racing for the final time at the VAILO Adelaide 500 on November 23-26 before moving to Team 18 for the 2024 season.

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