Repco Poll: Who will be the next new Supercars winner?

06 Apr 2023
After Kostecki's win, who's next to take a victory?
2 mins by James Pavey

The 2023 Repco Supercars Championship has already seen a first-time winner, with Brodie Kostecki scoring two wins at the Beaurepaires Melbourne SuperSprint.

The Erebus Motorsport driver became the 84th driver to win an ATCC/Supercars race when he won last Friday's sprint.

He backed it up on Saturday with victory in Race 5, before claiming the Larry Perkins Trophy a day later.

So, who's next? Bryce Fullwood was a standout in Melbourne with top five pace, with James Golding, Thomas Randle, Declan Fraser and Matt Payne also qualifying and racing in the top 10.

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