Race 32 red-flagged after chicane pile-up

30 Oct 2022
Several cars involved in high-speed incident
3 mins by James Pavey
Fire erupts as multiple cars wrecked in huge crash

Race 32 at the Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 has been suspended following a multi-car accident at the beach chicane.

Several cars were implicated in the accident after James Golding centre-punched a tyre bundle.

Golding hit the tyre bundle, launched into the air and spun in front of the field.

Given the race was just three laps old, the cars were still in a train.

Thomas Randle hit the errant tyre bundle and pulled up later around the circuit.

However, others behind weren't as fortunate.

James Courtney, Todd Hazelwood, Broc Feeney, Lee Holdsworth, Nick Percat and Macauley Jones all picked up major damage.

A fire broke out in Jones' #96 Pertamina Commodore, which was quickly extinguished.

EXCLUSIVE ONBOARD: Heimgartner reacts to giant pile-up

Golding, Percat, Feeney and Jones were all out on the spot, with Holdsworth and Hazelwood stopping around the circuit.

Feeney had been turned by Courtney, who in turn was hit and turned by Holdsworth.

All drivers walked from their cars, with officials quickly moving to clean up the area.

The race restarted 20 minutes later, with Will Davison leading the field to green.

"We got away with it more than others," Randle said.

"That was absolute chaos... for me, it started two laps before when I was getting drilled by Anton.


"I lost three spots, which put me back behind Jimmy [Golding].

"He's had a moment at the last right-hander on the chicane, lost the rear and then he's bailed late and cleaned up the tyre bundle.

"The bundle ended up on the track, drilled that, destroyed the front splitter.

Golding blames 'human error' for massive crash

"I'm glad everyone else is okay because it ended up being a big impact."

Jones said: "It was a big impact, and the fire extinguisher going off isn't a good sign.

"It was a pretty big train actually, and they all started slowing down... I saw brake lights, that's all I could see.

"I saw the back of Nick, and he grabbed on the brake in the chicane, and I pretty much did the same.

"We were both left with nowhere to go, Golding was sitting there and Nick hit him, and I hit Nick up the arse."

It came after a dramatic start at the front of the field, with Davison taking the lead at the first chicane.

Davison was hit from behind by Chaz Mostert, straight-lined the chicane, and emerged ahead of pole-sitter Shane van Gisbergen.

The incident was investigated and later cleared by stewards.

The chicane crash triggered the sixth red flag in a race this season; each coming on the Sunday of an event.

Races in Tasmania, Perth, Darwin, Tailem Bend and Pukekohe were all suspended due to major incidents.

The 2022 Repco Supercars Championship will conclude on the Adelaide streets in December.

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