No penalty for Jacobson after investigation

19 Jun 2022
Jacobson was investigated after the race
2 mins by James Pavey

Garry Jacobson has been cleared of an alleged Race 16 infringement after a post-race investigation.

The PremiAir Racing driver finished 22nd in Saturday’s Merlin Darwin Triple Crown opener.

Teammate Chris Pither was 23rd, having toiled through a cool suit failure.

Jacobson was investigated after the race, with a decision revealed prior to Sunday qualifying.

A wheel was unattended in the working lane during and after his pit stop.

Rule D11.7.2 states that during any pit stop, all equipment and parts "must always be under the complete control of the Designated Pit Crew".

The stewards’ report says: "In preparation for Car 76’s CPS in Race 16, the Team had placed 3 wheels with new Control Tyres on the apron in the working lane adjacent to Car 76’s Pit Bay intending to change the two right side tyres and the rear left.

"Car 76 entered Pit Lane for its CPS one Lap earlier than was planned by the Team because the Driver had reported a suspected delaminating tyre. Because the Car entered Pit Lane earlier than expected, the Team elected not change the rear left tyre.


"The wheel intended for the rear left had been positioned vertically with chocks holding it in position and a rattle gun lying next to it. It remained in that position for a brief period after Car 76 left its Pit Bay.

"There was no Team member in the immediate vicinity of the wheel until it was removed. The Deputy Race Director alleged that the wheel was not under the complete control of the Team.

"The Authorised Representative denied the charge and maintained that since the number of personnel has been reduced in the Category, unattended wheels may be in position on the opposite side of the Car to the wheels being replaced during a Pit Stop but, provided they are lying on the ground or chocked if vertical, they are nonetheless under the control of the Team in readiness for a tyre change.

"Rule D11.7.5 requires Teams to ensure that any equipment etc is removed to behind the Prescribed Line within one Lap of the completion of any Pit Stop. There was no evidence, and the DRD did not allege, that the wheel in question had not been removed behind the Prescribed Line within one Lap of the completion of Car 76’s Pit Stop."

Jacobson will start Sunday’s two 38-lap races from 22nd and 26th.

PremiAir Racing did have cause to celebrate on Saturday, with Peter Xiberras claiming his second consecutive Australian Top Fuel title at the Hidden Valley Drag Strip.

Race 17 will commence at 11:55am local time, followed by Race 18 at 3:25pm.

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