Newcastle trophy competition winner unveiled

02 Aug 2017
Trophy design for Coates Hire Newcastle 500 selected
2 mins by James Pavey

The trophy for the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 has been unveiled ahead of the inaugural event this November.

Local freelancer Josh Bruce, 36, was selected as the winner of a design competition that received a broad variety of entries.

Voted on by a panel that included six-time champion driver Jamie Whincup, Bruce’s entry narrowly beat that of 14-year-old Magdalene Prebble and 72-year-old Jan Lay.

Supercars CEO James Warburton said he was pleased with the interest in the competition, which was run via the Newcastle Herald.

“The passion and enthusiasm of Novocastrians of all ages for this event came through really clearly. The quality of all entries was superb and the designs simply outstanding,” Warburton said.

“The enthusiasm for this event is insatiable and we will ensure we do Josh and all of Newcastle proud this November.” 

 pic: Jonathan Carroll via the Newcastle Herald


In a blurb attached with his entry, Bruce explained the various elements he incorporated into the final design.

“The underlying form of the trophy traces the coastline of the Nobby’s headland where the race will be held,” it read.

“The blue glass illustrates our beautiful harbour and the negative space to the right represents the ocean and coastline.

“A steel rail forms the spine of the trophy, a tribute to Newcastle’s industrial foundations.

“The striped pattern along with the steel rail depict rumble strips along a racetrack corner.

“The overall shape of the trophy resembles a surfboard and the hull of a ship, celebrating Newcastle’s vibrant beach and maritime culture.”

CLICK HERE to see more of the entries via the Newcastle Herald.

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