Local region represented in Heimgartner Darwin livery

10 Jun
R&J Batteries Indigenous livery reflects Wiradjuri lands
3 mins by James Pavey

Brad Jones Racing has revealed its second Indigenous Round livery for 2023, with Andre Heimgartner’s #8 R&J Batteries Camaro to also carry local themes.

The #8 R&J Batteries Camaro colour scheme has been reimagined with symbols of the local region.

BJR has aligned with the Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) to produce the artwork.

MAC was the first Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation in the border vicinity.

Pettina Love’s artwork proved the winner of a competition held to decide the logo.

The artwork on the Heimgartner Camaro is representative of the border area where the Albury team is based.

The logo of the organisation, which provides advocacy work for local Indigenous communities, is the inspiration for the design.

On the door and roof of the car is a yellow and white circle with four half circle symbols, which represent meeting places.

Those meeting places are the three sites that MAC works with the community (Wodonga, Wangaratta and Koori First Steps Preschool).

Wavy dots and lines run from the nose to the tail of the car, and are symbolic of the natural landscape in the Murray and Ovens region.

The four wavy dot lines that intertwine across the bodywork of the Camaro represent the four major rivers in the region.

The four rivers are the Murray River, which runs through Albury-Wodonga, the Ovens River and the King River (Wangaratta) and the Broken River (Benalla).


The livery was brought to life by 3M films and PPG paint.

“The car looks incredible, the way the artwork has been integrated into the livery is very cool and I’m blown away,” Heimgartner said.

“I’m proud to be able to drive the R&J Batteries car in this livery — the meaning, the symbolism and what it represents to the team and the Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation is pretty special.”

Team owner Jones said: “We wanted to work very closely with local groups for the Indigenous round and keep our cars as close to home as possible and Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation was a perfect fit.

“The land that we live and work on is very special and we are so proud to be able to take elements of that into the Indigenous round in Darwin.

"Even though we’re racing almost 4000 kilometres away, we’ll be representing our region and the Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation.

“I have to thank to Mungabareena group for their contribution and efforts to work with our team creating this design. They’ve done such an excellent job and what they’ve achieved looks amazing.”

MAC’s Carlson Tunstall added: "Chris Westwood, General Manager for Brad Jones Racing, contacted Mungabareena Aboriginal Corporation in mid-April to see if we would like to be a part of designing the Indigenous design livery for BJR’s cars.

"I invited him to visit our Wodonga Office in early-May, for early discussions around the Indigenous design livery for the BJR cars for the Repco Supercars Championship’s Indigenous Round.

“During this meeting, while me and Chris were brainstorming some ideas, I just happened to show him the design on the MAC work shirts, with the design being part of MAC’s branding.

"He mentioned that the colour scheme of the design would be perfect for Brad Jones Racing’s R&J Batteries Camaro.

"MAC is very thankful to Brad Jones Racing for giving the organisation the opportunity to work together to design the Indigenous design livery for their cars."

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