John Bowe: Back for 2014

19 Feb 2014
The first V8 Supercar show of the year at Sydney Motorsport Park was a success, JB writes for v8supercars.com.au.
3 mins by James Pavey

The first V8 Supercar show of the year at Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek) was a success, I feel!

Lots of people came out to see the cars in their new liveries. It is an indication of the popularity of V8 Supercars right across the country.

I loved re-bonding with my mates at Dick Johnson Racing – I have to say there is a really good feel about the team. This team has very much been part of my V8 Supercar DNA and I love them! After a few years of instability and uncertainty, and the arrival of my friends at Wilson Security – they have provided DJR with some real security, excuse the pun!

Watching the cars through turn one (which incidentally is one of the quickest corners in Australia), with speeds of well over 200kph, it's a serious challenge for the driver to believe in his car! I've watched and driven lots of race cars in my life – quick corners are a good place to judge aero performance. 

This column is impartial, totally! I need you to know that! I was incredibly impressed with the aero stability of the Volvo, they are way further advanced than either Erebus or Nissan at this time last year. The dart like shape of the Volvo ensures the rear wing gets plenty of nice air. Don't underestimate them! 

Likewise with the Erebus and Nissan cars, they have incredibly stable rear aero. Aero is a nightmare to police and achieve parity. There's a reason why Formula One teams spend 360 days a year in the wind tunnel. 

Now for my pet gripe! Why didn't the V8 Supercar hierarchy give each team a set of new Dunlop Sport Maxx hard tyres to use at the test, and then take them back at the end of the day? This stops teams’ tyre saving philosophy and gives us V8 Supercar fans a real picture of who's who in the zoo. As it sits after the test day, no one knows who's fast and who is slow because they are all using older pre-used race tyres. In the case of the top dozen, they were low mileage soft race tyres from last year.

I'm pleased to see after more than a decade V8 Supercars have changed the Friday practice tyres rule. I think it was way too confusing/vague and it didn't give an indication who was where during practice?? It's now been addressed and Friday practice sessions will have more significance. It took a while to get it sorted... well done to the technical folk who do listen... and act appropriately! 

We all deserve to know at the end of the day, who's the fastest and who needs to do more work!


This will be one of the closest most competitive seasons of all time; it's the most competitive elite racing series in the world in my opinion. I'm excited about it, so should you be! I can't wait to get to Clipsal.

Finally, I had the great pleasure of racing with Craig Lowndes at the Bathurst 12 Hour ... there has never ever been any doubt about his sublime talent/ability. Quiet apart from his drive, I rate his final stint as one of the best I’ve ever seen – he is an absolute champion!

We borrowed Craig and his Triple Eight Race Engineer Jeromy Moore. I think Craig Lowndes is well known/regarded around the world in motor racing circles, I think he’ll be seen as a star after his effort in this year’s 12 Hour.

Craig arrived with his big smile, lots of laughter, the odd stir and practical jokes. Then, it was down to business. He is such a pro – his drive was outstanding! Thanks again to Craig, Jeromy and of course Roland Dane who allowed us to borrow his stars.

See you all in Adelaide!



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