Goddard apologises for dramatic pile-up

09 Oct 2022
Campbell, Wood wiped out after Goddard mistake
3 mins by James Pavey
Carnage as Goddard takes out two cars

Zane Goddard has apologised for his role in the dramatic lap 5 incident at The Chase.

Bathurst held its breath following a shocking incident at The Chase triggered by a mistake by Goddard.

Goddard bowled a wide at The Chase after a botched overtake attempt on Greg Murphy.

He kept his foot to the floor in the bid to avoid getting stranded in the wet grass.

However, he lost control and veered into the path of oncoming traffic.

Dale Wood and Matt Campbell were unable to avoid the #5 Snowy Rivers Ford.

All three cars were out on the spot, Campbell later describing the impact as the biggest of his career.

Andre Heimgartner went one further, saying drivers were racing like “absolute losers”.

Goddard was remorseful, especially given James Courtney didn’t run a lap in the #5 Ford.

Stewards confirmed on Monday morning that Goddard had been fined $10,000, $5000 of which is suspended until next year.

“I’m okay physically, but devastated, obviously,” Goddard said.

"I think JC and I were in a really good position for today.

“The car was feeling good, and unfortunately I just made a mistake trying to get by Murph.

"I had a run on him down Conrod, went to make the move and locked a brake into the Chase.

Heimgartner frustrated after early crash

"I got on the brakes a few times in the grass and the car would yaw to the left, so I tried feathering the brake to keep it under control.


"Obviously when I got close to re-entry it pulled hard left in the mud and I was just a passenger from there.

“Unfortunately I went across the track and took a couple big hits.

"I’m really sorry to the team at Tickford and Snowy River Racing, JC, and of course Woody and Matt and the guys and girls at Brad Jones Racing and Grove Racing.

"It was a little mistake, but obviously ended with big consequences.”

Campbell suffered ankle soreness but was otherwise unharmed.

Wood quickly return to the Brad Jones Racing garage where he was consoled.

The ruined Campbell car

Goddard said he was okay, but was gutted by the incident’s outcome.

Courtney suffered his first Bathurst DNF since 2018, and fourth in 17 starts.

"It’s really unfortunate to see Zane out so early,” Courtney said.

"It looks like he was just trying to make an early move and ran off.

“Unfortunately with all the water in the grass you can’t just skate across it and press on.

“He got caught in the mud and accidentally triggered a pretty big pile up.

"Fortunately he’s okay, that’s the main thing.

“But it’s a real shame we weren’t able to see the day through and see how we would have fared.”

The 2022 season will continue at the Boost Mobile Gold Coast 500 on October 28-30.

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