Fan favourite truck to be raffled at Townsville 500

24 Jun
Motoring enthusiasts now have the opportunity to get their hands on the wheel of a highly sought-after truck
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Motoring enthusiasts now have the opportunity to get their hands on the wheel of a highly sought-after 1946 Ford Jailbar truck, with ‘Bonnie’ the latest vehicle to be raffled to raise funds for medical research.

Motorists may recognise the black Dual Cab 4x4 as one of the first vintage trucks modified by NTI. Bonnie has been the organisation’s promo truck and has gained a large following after appearing at events across the country over the past two and a half years.

Bonnie was one of the toughest and most technically challenging restoration projects to date. The building process took 2500 hours, lengthening and widening the cab to include two rear doors, along with a custom-made bonnet, tub tray, side steps and rear guards. The interior is kitted out with a full leather trim, air conditioning and touch screen media.

With a 5.2 litre turbo diesel engine, the team were tasked with also enhancing its off-road capabilities, turning it in to a 4WD with a 6.5 tonne electric winch, LED spotlights and rear air suspension.

Making it the perfect vehicle for both on, and off the road, featuring all the latest technology while honouring the vintage style of the 1946 Ford Jailbar.

The truck was displayed at National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo, Australian Trucking Association Conference, Sydney Truckfest, and Cooly Rocks On.


The final appearance and raffle will be drawn at the NTI Townsville 500 on July 5-7.

NTI’s CEO Tony Clark said: "We're extremely proud to announce Bonnie as the seventh truck to be restored and raffled by Australia’s largest transport and logistics insurance experts, NTI, with ticket sales totalling an incredible $2 million for Motor Neurone Disease research over six years.”

NTI’s Chief Customer Officer, Janelle Greene said it’s truly a one-of-a-kind vehicle, and no surprise it’s a fan favourite: “We are constantly asked by fans if they can purchase Bonnie, and after last year’s incredible fundraising efforts, we thought it was the right time to say a special thank you to our supporters by finding Bonnie a new home."

NTI Special Projects Lead Don Geer said the excitement around the truck made the hard work worth it: “It’s like a swarm of bees around honey,. Every time I duck into Bunnings I come back and spend an hour in the carpark just talking to people.

“Bonnie has that wow factor. Everyone is taken aback by the superb technology and engineering, and they always want to know how they can get their hands on it.

“They all hurt a little bit when we let them go, but this one especially, just because it’s such a good vehicle, it’s bullet proof. It’s still very young, not even at 23,000kms yet so it’s the right time for somebody else to get it and enjoy it as much as I do.”

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