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  • 06/08/2019
  • By Mitchell Adam

Sixteen drivers hoping to contest the 2019 Gfinity Supercars Eseries have entered a draft that will determine who joins the field.

A revamped eseries kicks off in September on the iRacing platform, with six events running through to November.

Supercars outfits Mobil 1 MEGA Racing and Boost Mobile Racing have already announced their respective, two-driver line-ups.

The balance of the 12-strong field will consist of single-car teams, with five outfits recruiting drivers this week through the draft.

Nearly 100 drivers registered for the process, which started with aspirants setting their best lap of Mount Panorama on iRacing.

The fastest 16 then tackled a series of races on Sunday to determine the draft seeding.

Teams have until Wednesday evening to make their selections, and drivers who are not picked up by a team will remain in a pool of reserves.

Boost Mobile Racing announced its line-up last month

"We've seeded the drivers based on their results for that round of qualifying, one through to 16," Gfinity Esports Australia's James Cowan told Supercars.com.

"We profiled them as part of the signing up process, and their results and their profiles have been sent to the teams that are drafting.

"It'll be a ballot system; these teams will select their order of preference, and which driver they get depends on where they sit in the draft order we've allocated to teams.

"Five drivers will then be going through to the primary driver positions.

"The others will have substitute positions and they'll be called up if there's a need, based on the seedings.

"A lot of the drivers that did make it through have on-track experience in real life, which is really cool.

"Some are pure sim racers, so there's a pretty interesting crossover."

Among the drivers in the draft pool with on-track motorsport experience, Josh Muggleton was a runner-up in Nissan's global gamer-to-racer GT Academy program in 2014.

Harley Haber, meanwhile, has actually raced a Supercar, last year in what's now the Kumho Super3 Series.

Brady Meyers is the top seed in the draft after finishing third, fourth and first in the three qualifying races.

The 2019 Gfinity Supercars Eseries will be broadcast live on Fox Sports, Kayo, Supercars.com, and Supercars and Gfinity AU social media channels.

Gfinity Supercars Eseries draft seeding
1. Brady Meyers
2. Madison Down
3. Josh Muggleton
4. Richard Hamstead
5. Fawzan El-Nabi
5. Jake Moloney
7. Joshua W Anderson
8. Andrew Gilliam
9. Brenton Hobson
10. Chris Coxhead
11. Thomas McMillan
12. Leigh Ellis
13. Sam D Blacklock
13. Shaun Kelly
13. Marlon J McMullen
16. Harley Haber

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