Erebus: Brown committed to winning for us

17 Aug
'This year he’s our mate, so we'll press on like nothing’s happened'
3 mins by James Pavey

Erebus Motorsport CEO Barry Ryan has reiterated Will Brown is "hundred per cent committed to winning races for us” despite his impending Triple Eight move.

Brown is shifting to Triple Eight from 2024, but is entrenched in a championship fight with Erebus this season.

Erebus is first and second in the drivers’ standings, Brodie Kostecki leading Brown, with the Coca-Cola squad leading the teams’ championship.

Brown has been in the Erebus fold for several years, first in Super2 before debuting as a main game co-driver in 2018.

In the team statement of his exit, Brown said he was committed to helping Erebus to 2023 glory.

“I’ll be giving my all in the remaining races and remain 100 per cent committed to our joint goal of winning the Drivers' and Teams' Championship with Erebus in 2023,” the Queenslander said.

It was a point reiterated by Ryan while speaking to media ahead of this weekend’s OTR SuperSprint.

“Imagine you’ve got kids, and your kid comes up to you and goes, ‘You know that family you hate up the road? I’m going to go and live with them,” Ryan remarked.

“That’s how it feels. I can deal with it, but that’s how it feels. I’m gutted — he’s like my little brother, and it’s like he’s moved down the road.

“But we’ll get through it, we’ll get on with it professionally, a hundred per cent, and we’ll always be mates.


“Everybody in pit lane’s my enemy — that’s the only way I can deal with racing and stuff, and making sure that our team is the best team in pit lane.

“So, he’s going to the enemy next year, but this year he’s our mate, so we’ll press on like nothing’s happened.”

'This year he’s our mate, so we'll press on like nothing’s happened'

Ryan added that Brown wasn’t going to a better team — rather, he was going to a better "brand”.

“I’m not angry or anything — I’m just disappointed, because we put a lot of effort into Will,” Ryan continued.

“But, I can see — like I said to the boys today — once you sleep on it for a bit, you go, ‘He’s gone to a brand’.

“We’re the best team in pit lane at the moment, so he hasn’t gone to a better team — he’s gone to a better brand.

“We need to do more on our brand, and make sure we get to a point where we are like Triple Eight and we’ve won multiple championships… we’ve just got to tick a few more boxes that make the drivers was to stay.”

Supercars will hit the track on Saturday at the OTR SuperSprint. Tickets are on sale now.

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