Dunlop Series Stewards Summary: Castrol EDGE Townsville 400

11 Jul 2015
The Stewards' rulings from the weekend's racing in Townsville.
2 mins by James Pavey

Stewards Update #3 issued Sunday 12th July 2015 at 1030hrs

Matters from Qualifying Race 2;

For causing a Red Flag during the session D6.1.11, the following cars lost their fastest lap time and took no further part in the session;

  • Car #2 Dan Day

  • Car 37 Brett Hobson

Other Matters;

Following an investigation and admission by Taz Douglas Car #45 that he failed to meet the Media Requirements as instructed in the Supplementary Regulations, the Stewards imposed $1000 fine with $500 suspended until the 31/12/15

Stewards Update #2issued Saturday 11th July 2015 at 1600hrs

Matters from Race 1;

For an incorrect Race Start Procedure by Garry Jacobson Car #54, the Stewards imposed a five second time penalty to be added to Car #54 Race Time

The Black Flag (PLP) was displayed to Car #4 Kurt Kostecki for careless driving, contact to Car #2 Dan Day at Turn 13.


Following an investigation and admission by Rene Gracie Car #55 to careless driving, contact to Car #75 Aaron McGill at Turn 2, the Stewards imposed the loss of 25 Series Points.

Matters from Qualifying Race 1;

Following an investigation and admission by MW Motorsport to breaching Schedule D14.4.2 Parc Ferme conditions for Car #42 Chris Pither and Car #111 Simon Evans, the Stewards excluded both cars from the session.

Stewards Update #1issued Friday 10th July 2015 at 1830hrs

Matters from Practice 2;

There were no issues

Matters from Practice 1;

The following penalties were imposed for breaches of D12.4.3, Pit Lane Speeding infringements on the following drivers;

  • Matt Chahda Car #18, fined $350 first breach at 49kph

  • Matt Chahda Car #18, fined $500 for second breach at 52kph

  • Todd Hazelwood Car #35, fined $350 - 49kph

  • Shae Davies Car #90, fined $350 - 49kph

  • Garry Jacobson Car #54, fined $350 - 48kph

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