Young guns sample Supercars in Winton

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  • 15/12/2016
  • By Courtney Callow

Four young rookies have been given a taste of Brad Jones Racings next-gen Supercars at Winton Motor Raceway. 

The team had its last day on-track for 2016 today, hosting Kumho driver Josh Smith, F4 drivers Harry Hayek and Jack Smith and Formula Ford driver Jordan Boys.

The young guns were given the opportunity to steer Jason Bright, Tim Blanchard and Supercars Dunlop Series driver Josh Kean’s Car of the Future Holden Commodores.

Today in Winton marked the first time all four drivers had sat behind the wheel of a next-gen Supercar. 

Team Boss Brad Jones said it is a great opportunity for young drivers in Australia to experience a Supercar and helps them understand what it would be like when they finally make their way into one.

“For us at BJR it’s a great way for us to give back and help get some young guys to the next level,” Jones said.

“I remember how difficult it was when I was young to get an opportunity to drive a touring car.

“Looking at their faces when they get out of the car is a great reminder of my days starting out in racing; it’s really exciting.”

The team reported the boys thoroughly enjoyed the day and were more than happy to get some time behind the wheel of a Supercar. They all took away some valuable lessons as well as getting a taste of their dream; to drive a Supercar.

Teenager and Formula 4 driver Jack Smith made his debut into the Supercars Dunlop Series at the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 in a “blueprint” Supercar, replacing Renee Gracie at Paul Morris Motorsport.

Unfortunately, the rookie had a rough introduction to Mount Panorama after totalling the Falcon in the Dipper.

The 17-year-old said his second session in a Supercar today felt significantly more comfortable.

“I got a really good first impression of the next-gen Supercar… just chipping away at it, trying to knock out consistent lap times,” Smith said.

“Speaking to the engineers after each session we have been working away on one thing at a time, but they are happy with the consistency of my times.

“I'm here to learn and overall I'm having a ball, it's been a great day”.

Brad Jones Racings Kumho Tyres Series driver Josh Smith said he noted differences when driving, but said it was overall a better regarding breaking and a really good car to drive. Smith has previously steered a blueprint Supercar.

“There’s a little bit more to find in the car…It took some time to get comfortable, but I really like the car,” Smith said.

“Anytime you can do a drive day like this is fantastic and a lot of fun”.

Formula 4 driver Harry Hayek said the day was so much fun, highlighting the power and the crackle and pop sound the Supercar makes.

“It’s just something to get used to and find where the limit is. They car is really comfortable, normally in a road car you look over in your mirrors and then do a headcheck, but in these it’s more difficult, so you rely on the mirrors a lot,” Hayek said.

“The car was awesome… it has been a brilliant opportunity to drive one of the Brad Jones Racing Supercars… and instantly it put a big smile on my face”.

Formula Ford driver Jordan Boys emphasised the next-gen Supercars comfort and speed.

“The car has awesome power, it is so different to what I’m used to in the Formula Ford. The car is comfortable and handles really well, the biggest thing for me is to get up to speed with it,” Boys said.

“The more laps I do, the more comfortable and faster I get.

“The BJR crew have had positive feedback and are giving me lots to build on and are helping me a lot. The day has been really enjoyable and I’ll be taking away a lot of lessons from the day”.

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